Why Laravel is known for being the fastest, most well-supported PHP framework on the planet?

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What is Laravel?

Laravel is a fast, efficient and great-looking open-source web development framework that makes your life easier. The syntax is beautiful and saves you all the hassle that comes with developing complex PHP code. Taylor’s Laravel framework makes web development faster & simpler by helping you make complex coding easier. Laravel is a great framework that makes lots of the underlying things more simple to do. It eases many common tasks, like routing, authentication and sessions for example so you can focus on the important features required by your app.

Is Laravel Frontend or Backend?

To answer the question of “Is Laravel a frontend or backend?”, well, it’s both. For a longer explanation, Laravel is a PHP framework that sits server-side. Laravel is a flexible framework, so it can handle either the front-end or back- end of your web application.

Here are five reasons why Laravel is so popular.

PHP frameworks are often hard to choose as they all essentially do the same thing. Laravel is a solid choice though because of its many customizable features & robust functionality.

1. Blade Template Engine

Laravel comes with the Blade template engine, which is easy to use and very powerful. Unlike many other PHP templating engines, it doesn’t slow your website down or restrict you from using plain PHP code in views. A free online IDE, Shell Online is one of many tools for PHP development. It’s also got some handy shortcuts and functionality that help you during the process, like inherited templates and displaying data.

2. Eloquent ORM

Eloquent in Laravel lets you interact with data without too much hassle, which is great for developers. You don’t need to learn the low-level SQL language and instead can use PHP syntax to make database calls.

3. Laravel MVC Architecture

Laravel’s MVC framework is based on PHP and ensures a separation of logic, data handling, and UI. The design pattern of it is called MVC or Model-view-controller. It takes care of different components to improve the workflow in many ways.

Laravel is popular among major version clouds and has lots of great features. These include better performance, high security & scalability

4. Open Source and Wide Community

Frameworks like Laravel are often a cost but it can also be free & open source. Plus, the community helps make it as customizable as you need by extending the framework and making it just for you.

5. Object-Oriented Libraries

While there are many reasons to make the switch from a legacy platform to Laravel, its various features are what most developers love. Laravel includes powerful features that come with its price tag. The benefits of Laravel development will be sustainable in the long run.

Why Use Laravel Framework for Web Development?

The Laravel web framework is fast and easy to work with. The use of this framework can help you develop applications for websites quickly and easily, along with other benefits that make this type of development appealing.

1. Laravel is a PHP framework for web applications

Developers and app owners alike choose to use Laravel because they enjoy developing with it. It has plenty of benefits that the typical developer or business owner can take advantage of. It’s always helpful, and it has a really high quality too. Thanks to this framework, many other benefits can be easier to achieve as well.

Other frameworks have been found to have flaws which have been well resolved in the development of Laravel. From testing, it’s worth noting that the PHP Laravel framework has integrated testing into it, making sure your web applications are always secure.

Here are some advantages of using Laravel. It has a great user interface and comes with pre-built features that will make your web development a seamless process:

2. Who doesn’t want to build a website fast and without hassle? 

Laravel is a pretty well-known PHP framework that has loads of prebuilt templates for the latest PHP principles. Combined with the Laravel ecosystem, managing data and getting your application running can be done in a fraction of the time. Since the Laravel framework is open source, developers have been hard at work improving it and making it better ever since 2011.

The fast speed of development means you can rapidly get an app generated. With Laravel, there’s no need to put any effort into writing individual lines of code. This’ll make it super speedy to produce apps that are high-quality and deliverable.

3. Technology firms are finding ways to increase transaction security 

Wikipedia says that Taylor created Laravel as an alternative to Codelgniter because it did not have features like user authentication and authorization built-in.

Laravel’s strong support for authentication makes it easy to integrate a personalised login, registration and password reset system. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that Laravel manages a lot of this work so that you can get it in just a single command. It also provides an easy way to create clear boundaries and manage people’s access to resources

4. Stay safe with Laravel security!

Web development usually involves a lot of security vulnerabilities. OWASP points out some common ones, like SQL injections and scripting cross-site scripting.

One way that software development companies address potential vulnerabilities is by engaging with a team of subject-matter experts to ensure the security of their product. The tendency for these bugs to go unnoticed throughout the SDLC can lead to an increase not only in price but also in complexity, as you’ll see from this graph.

5. MVC Architecture

Laravel’s architecture is MVC-based. So, Laravel is the best laravel framework for website development.

MVC schemas are great and they come with a lot of functionality that web developers can enjoy while building a website. Apart from these benefits, MVC schemas also provide improved performance & documentation – which is really impressive!

6. Automated and Unit Testing Feature

One of Laravel Framework’s most important benefits is the extensive testing abilities it provides. Without extensive testing, you can’t guarantee that your app is free of bugs and meets your initial requirements exactly.

To make sure your app works properly and runs smoothly, the Laravel framework includes automation testing support. It helps save time in the process of testing an app. It’s easy to get basic data on how well your app is functioning with this tool. All you need to do is make a few requests, analyze outputs and click around different forms & menus.

The unit testing features in the Laravel framework make it easy to test each component/module of your app separately. This way, you can make sure everything works together well when all of the modules are put together into one big app. We can make your life easier by scheduling your tasks automatically, while you’re free to focus on something else!

We need a task scheduler in our web applications to automate tasks when it needs to be done. For instance, sending emails to subscribed users and notifications to app visitors. This would help make the website faster by taking care of tasks automatically.

Web developers haven’t had to set up Cron jobs for admin tasks in a while. With Laravel, you can just manage them from the console and avoid all that messy setup. It’s easy to do your command schedule. You just need a single Cron entry on your server and it will execute the task.

One of the perks of Laravel is that it helps you deliver high-performing and faster web apps. This also means that your monthly hosting cost is significantly lower because the framework offloads some of the most resource-intensive tasks onto your servers.

7. Traffic Handling

With traffic scaling up (we are getting more and more customers), it has become tough to handle the app’s growth.

In the present scenario, website traffic is increasing and this has an adverse effect on your hosting bill. This expensive service might not be a sustainable option.

If you could avoid such a situation from happening then it would be great.

Laravel supports the queue system for balancing load between servers. It helps you smooth out traffic for a healthy web server. This is just one of the many Laravel benefits.

Laravels queue service is a unified API with different backend queues to process tasks – email for example. This system lets you defer time-consuming tasks and speeds up web requests.


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