The Importance of Mobile Analytics

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Mobile analytics have been a business game changer in the recent times. A simplified definition of mobile analytics would be that it is the information collected when a visitor accesses a website through a mobile phone or even a tablet. It makes the creators aware of the most popular and visited segments of their website which in turn helps them to better their marketing, advertising, campaigns and improve their services according to the requirements of the visitors. Website hosts collect page views, number of visitors, variations of countries, compare them to a certain, specified performance index and use that information to advance their website.

Behaviour Analysis

Mobile analytics have a host of benefits to offer. Both the creators and the customers can make enhanced decisions about the product. Since the creators are aware of the customer requirements and have all the information on their fingertips, they can analyse the customer’s behaviour in a better way. Even the customers have the power to make the creators aware of their requirement.

Competitive Edge

Mobile analytics allow the respective company, firm or the website to gain a very dramatic advantage in the market. Through the data collected, the creators can react quickly and gain an edge over the others in the tough competition. The information that is gathered through mobile analytics also leads to a better utilization of time and resources along with the assurance of customer satisfaction since all the customer details will be available to the executives.

Prioritizing Development

People use a host of products that are available abundantly in the market. Device detection mechanisms in mobile analytics allow mobile executives to prioritize development of apps, SMS services, web services etc. This in turn will determine the correct ways to reach a specific demographic.

Effective Usage

Mobile analytics allow hosts to judge the usage of services and apps. Sometimes, the progress and success or a subsequent failure of a service cannot be judged through sheer numbers. This data informs executives whether the service is being used regularly and effectively; thus allowing them to make informed decisions about changing or discarding the service.

Prior Customer Analysis

A good mobile analytic solution will ensure that the exact requirements of the consumer would be adhered to by the mobile executives because of their data collection which allows them to have generalised information of the average consumer in a demographic. Once the customer registers, the brand can then have a segmental organisation of the customer’s requirements.

Investment Returns

Mobile analytics also help marketers make extremely important decisions about their finances. It tells them if they are getting a satisfactory return on their investment in the mobile service. It also tells them which improvement mechanism is reaping the highest gain. This helps them to ensure the longevity, competitiveness and security of their mobile service.

When detailed information is collected on the consumer, there are greater chances of the service being exactly developed as per the consumer specific interests. Customer satisfaction will just help the site developers to transform data into regular visits and sales.


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