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We all enjoy the release of new mobile applications, but let’s face it: it’s sometimes difficult to choose them because there aren’t enough quality apps gathered in stores to effectively use them. If you’ve been following the latest news about Trackdesk for a while, you’ll know that it completely satisfies all types of global users.

With Trackdesk eCommerce Affiliate Tracking Software, you can concentrate on growing your business rather than dealing with a learning curve. By using the ever-expanding platform features, you can streamline your workflow and gain better insights.

Trackdesk platform is intentionally designed to be a simple and welcome addition to your workflow. Below is a quick list of current live features on this platform.

Get Back On Track with Trackdesk

  • Manage an Infinite Number of Affiliates
  • Offers and Payments Based on Location
  • Reporting in real-time
  • Create Customizable Commission Groups.
  • Track up to 10 million tracking requests per month.

Also, make the most of Trackdesk by taking advantage of our 14-day free trial. Moreover, you can expect new monthly features and tools to supplement your reporting and affiliate management for early adopters.

Forming profitable partnerships can help you grow your e-commerce business. Thereby you can effectively use trackdesk analytics to improve reporting and gain intelligent insights.

Trackdesk ICONKey Features of Trackdesk

  • 10 million tracking requests per month
  • Direct Connection
  • Tracking S2S Events
  • Asset Management for Creatives
  • Reporting in Real Time
  • Targeting by Location
  • Device Selection
  • Campaign Access Control
  • Affiliates indefinitely
  • Tracking Unique Events
  • Advertiser Variables/SubID
  • Postback and Pixel
  • Management
  • Personalized Partner Onboarding
  • Unlimited number of team members
  • CRM Partner

Discover Quality Aspects Right Out of the Box

Affiliate Administration

The trackdesk dashboard allows you to keep track of your partners. Analyze their performance across marketing channels in real-time.

Individualized Commissions

Commissions can be tailored based on tiers.

Promotional Codes

Provide discount codes to your partners for effective referral acquisition.

Analytical Power

You can segment your data in any way you like. Customize reports that are important to you to simplify your workflow.

A Combined Dashboard

Your trackdesk dashboard provides an instant snapshot of the status of your affiliate programme.

Promotion and Communication

Trackdesk allows you to communicate directly with affiliate partners.

Why Is Trackdesk A Good Fit For Ecommerce?

The Intelligent Affiliate Marketing Solution

Analyze, improve, and pay affiliates all in one place. With trackdesk, you can run your affiliate programme effortlessly and with all the tools you need.

Simple to Implement

Their platform integrates seamlessly with your technology stack without the need for advanced developer tools.

Good Responsive Support

They are only a click away from assisting you. Their platform is dependent on your success.

Other Features


You can primarily increase the size of your company’s affiliate marketing. On a single platform, you can track campaigns and manage partner payments.

Advertisers and Brands

It is possible to gain insights and agility by utilising a platform that meets your affiliate marketing requirements.


Their platform is ideal for any size of SaaS Company. You can also maintain a centralised record of your affiliate, referral, and partner programmes.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for quality Ecommerce Affiliate Tracking Software, I recommend checking out Trackdesk. The various features that you come across are well-suited to the user’s needs and of high efficiency.


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