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It’s a sad fact of life: cars don’t always work right. The air conditioner breaks. The transmission goes. The engine starts smoking for some unbeknownst reason. Even if a car is newer—such as the 2014 Kia Rondo—and appears to be fine, it will still require maintenance at some point. Knowing how to self-diagnose your car, change its oil yourself, and do other basic tasks to keep your car running can really save you some $$$ down the road. But what if you just don’t know how? Here are the four best apps that will teach you how to take care of your car.

TuneyFish TuneyFish contains multiple videos that demonstrate basic car repair tasks: things like changing the oil, jump-starting a vehicle, checking belts, and all of the other essentials any car owner needs to know. Looking under the hood of your car might seem intimidating, but TuneyFish’s user-friendly videos will make things look a lot simpler. 

Car Repair Basics This app kicks it up a notch from TuneyFish—once you’ve learned all of the basics TuneyFish has to teach you, download Car Repair Basics for $1.99 to further your knowledge. Car Repair Basics is full of videos that clearly explain slightly more sophisticated concepts: replacing a wheel bearing, checking for battery fluid leaks, and diagnosing bleeding brakes.

CarDash—Car Advice And Towing While CarDash doesn’t have any teaching videos, it does have something even better: with the press of a button, you can speak to (or text) an expert, who will give you personalized advice and walk you through whatever repair you need to make—and if you’re struggling to fix things up, they’ll send in-person help your way. CarDash, available throughout the United States, also offers cashback incentives and is a great choice for free roadside assistance.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Why not start your kids young? With this free app from Playway, kids can run their own auto repair service. They’ll communicate with car owners, order tools, and work on four different car models to replace or repair faulty parts. Good for ages 4+ and available in seven languages, Car Mechanic Simulator will get your kids on the path to becoming responsible car owners of their own someday.