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Most of the companies and organizations today conduct pre-employment tests. These tests are performed to access the skills, potentials, capabilities and vision of candidates. Certainly in the world wherein a huge crowd gathers for job opening; it is not convenient to filter out the finest candidates. Since this is the scenario, the recruiters have now started taking assistance of aptitude tests

No matter a candidate is going for a pilot job or any other job, he or she might have to go through different aptitude or psychometric tests. This is because these recruiters have understood the significance of these tests. They know that tests can carve out the finest talent for them. In case you are a recruiting pilot team then you should conduct tests like psychometric test for pilots so as to ensure that that the candidates you are approving for next levers of recruitment are worthy and able. 

Now talking about the module of psychometric testing, it is a recruitment process that requires a candidate to finish a comprehensive personality-motivation assessment. These Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental ability and behavioural style. These tests are specifically designed to gage candidates’ suitability for an exact role based on required personality characteristics and intellectual capabilities. Actually from such a detailed assessment the employer gets visions into an applicant’s personal style and what inspires or motivates them in the workplace.

The aptitude test is a structured systematic way to measure and gage a pilot applicant’s capability and ability to perform specific tasks and how that particular pilot reacts to a diversity of different situations given. An aptitude test usually possesses nine diverse modules that measure the chief traits and talents of a professional Pilot. Once you conduct this aptitude test for the applicant’s aspirants for pilot; you get to know about there:

  • Control, it simply means a combination test valuation of basic hand/ visual or foot motor skills coordination.
  • A test of basic and general mathematical understanding and certainly the speed factor.
  • Check on Memory. A test of short-term memory, the capability to absorb information and rehearsal.
  • How Simultaneous or multitasking a candidate is. Yes, the test measures an applicant’s ability to handle manifold tasks in a correct manner and under pressure.
  • Then there is a tracking test for measuring visual / motor skills and coordination.
  • Spatial Perception-Orientation. You assess the applicant’s ability to read instruments and form the spatial orientation.
  • Technical Test, it simply means an assessment of technical understanding coupled with basic knowledge of physics.
  • Aviation English, it simply means a test to measure the ability of a candidate to talk and understand English air radio communication.
  • Finally there is verbal comprehension.  It is a measuring of an applicant’s ability to understand and examine regulatory data.

In this way, a single aptitude test familiarise the recruiters with so much about the candidates applying for the designation. Indeed, the test makes it easy for the recruiters to draw a right picture about the candidates. In this way they get to know what exactly a candidate is capable of and where he or she lacks.

Impartiality in the test

You know what any type of test; procedure or program would be of no use unless it is impartial. In the realm of psychometric testing, you would not find even a smidgen of partiality. It is simply because all the candidates have to solve the test that has been pre-designed. The recruiters do not have any influence on the test or the marks. The score of the candidate determines whether he would get to the other segment of recruitment or not.

Interview and resumes are not enough alone

If you think that a candidate has good pilot qualification and has skills that are not enough. They have to prove it. You would agree that these days’ people are so smart that they practice and re-practice before they come up for an interview. They come up with rehearsed interviews and their real self and calibre gets covered behind. The point is if you want to unveil the real- personalities, calibres, abilities and behaviour of the candidates then the interview is not enough alone. There has to be a test like psychometric test that goes to the roots and test the candidates in unexpected ways. The way the candidates react, response and answer the questions in the test, they get the scores accordingly and get to the next segment. And always remember that m-ostly the test is before the segment of interview. Only the people who prove their mettle get through to the interview segment.

Time saving

These tests are time saving too. They help the recruiters to get the best candidates in half of the time. It is because the test filters the hundreds of candidates who gather for the pilot job. In this way the test makes sure only the productive and good ones make it to the consequent segments of the recruitment drive. By the time the candidates reach the segment of personal interview; there are only refined ones.  In this way the interviewers also not have to spend a lot of time on the candidates. They would get the quality candidates and it would be easy for them to take lengthy interviews because of the presence of adequate time.

You have the evidence

Recruiters are always accountable for the choices and decisions they make during recruitment program. They have to answer the bosses and seniors for the recruitments they have made. In this way if they have something concrete in hand they can be stronger in their defence. Certainly they can show the bosses the results of the test they tool and overall performance of the candidate they selected for the job. In this way they can be a bit relieved too.


Thus, you can make the best recruitments once you have the best tests in hand. Pilots play a crucial role and you cannot have anyone on board. Make sure you make a wise choice during recruitment.