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As a car owner, you probably have some run-of-the-mill car apps: a map app, maybe something that tracks your fuel mileage, maybe another app that helps you find the closest mechanic or get roadside assistance. But there are a few more apps you need to have… although you’d never think of them yourself.

Honk mobile Never lose your Ford again, no matter how many identical cars are in the parking lot of Ford dealers in Surrey, BC. Honk comes with a plethora of features: search for and reserve parking before you arrive, and once you’re there, take a photo and make notes to help you remember where you left your car. This free app also sends you a text notification before your parking session is about to expire, and you can pay for more time from in-app, without having to walk to your car.

Lifesaver The Lifesaver app lives up to its name: its job is to keep you safe as you’re driving. You don’t even need to open the app—it automatically detects when you’re driving and works to keep you safe by blocking text messages and calls to minimize distractions. It’s an especially great app for parents, sending a notification whenever your child has safely arrived at their destination. The app even offers exciting incentives to reward safe driving.

Smart Dash Cam This iOS app acts just like a real dash cam—except it’s free. Before you begin driving, choose what video resolution you’d like, whether you want audio on the recording, and set your preferred time range for loop recording, and you’re good to go. Videos can be stored in the app, uploaded to YouTube or Dropbox, or emailed, and the app comes in English, French, German, and Spanish. Top benefits: have evidence of a car accident (whether yours or somebody else’s), beautiful footage of your summer road trip, or get this app for your teenager so you can keep up with where they’re going in your car.

aSmartHUD This app is almost like something out of the future: it provides a digital dashboard, projecting information about your car onto your windshield as you drive. This kind of technology is commonly used in fighter plans, and with this $0.99 app, you can have it too—keep track of important stats such as the distance to your home location, the weather forecast, and your current speed.