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Pot Limit Omaha game is a thrilling variant of poker that brings in variety, some key skills distinct from other poker variations tied with a thrilling pace that players go bonkers for. So, if you are bored of your regular game of Hold’em or want to enjoy a change of pace in your game, Omaha poker is the game for you.

The game rules of Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) are quite similar to Texas Hold’em with few minor tweaks. However, these tweaks in itself change your entire gameplay and the strategies that you bring to the felts. In fact, online Omaha poker games are a tad bit more challenging than Hold’em poker. Today, we tell you why and what changes you need to bring to your current strategy if you have been a Hold’em player all this while.

Pot Limit Omaha Game Rules & Strategy

If you are new to poker, we suggest you check out the poker hand rankings chart to get started, They are the same for all variants of the game and the game rules and objective remain the same.So, if you have already played any variant of the game, you know the rules already. Moving on from this point forward, let’s get back to the subject and understand the key markers of Pot Limit Omaha game and discuss the game strategy along the way.

Rules & Strategies Unique to PLO poker

Like any variant of poker, Pot Limit Omaha games also feature the same objectives i.e. to form the best possible hand in order to win the pot. Omaha poker is played between 2-9 players but instead of 2 hole cards like in Texas Hold’em, players are dealt 4 hole cards from which they must choose two hole cards to combine with the community cards to form the strongest possible hand to win the pot.

This is the reason why the game becomes high on action and pace as there exists higher possibilities to form stronger hands in this variant and as such, pairs and straights become a common occurrence in this variant. As such, your strategy and outlook towards the game changes and betting becomes more strategized and complex than in your regular poker game.

Here are some quick tips and strategy that you must consider applying if you wish to succeed in this poker variant.

  1. In the initial stage, it would be wise if you choose your table carefully and make sure there are a few weak players on the table whose chips you can steal easily. It is better to have an edge especially when you are new to the game.
  2. Choose your starting hands carefully. Since in Pot Limit Omaha, you get four hole cards, you better pick your two cards wisely. Top pairs and suited connectors are strong starting hands when you play online Omaha poker. If you have anything lesser than this, you better fold your hand immediately.
  3. Folks seldom bluff in Omaha poker games because the stakes are pretty high and the possibility of hitting stronger hands increases manifold in this zone. So, if someone bets strong, he or she is probably not bluffing and so, you need to respect the bet and fold if you have not hit a stronger hand. Risking tobluff in Omaha poker can cost you dearly especially if you are up against a pro.
  4. Premium hands are not so premium when you play online Omaha pokerdue to the presence of four hole cards.Therefore, don’t get too thrilled when you receive top pairs like AA or KK because they can be easily outplayed by medium straights and flushes, better you wait patiently till you see the flop!
  5. Be selective of which hands to play. Since Pot Limit Omaha games are high on action, limping and calling is seldom a good option here. So, unless you have strong playable starting hands, you better stay out of it altogether and fold without second thoughts. On the contrary, if you have a stronger starting hand, you pump the action and make your opponents fold!
  6. When you play online Omaha poker games, bankroll management is supreme. As by now you must have gathered, PLO poker is a high variance game and as such, bad beats can be gut-wrenching and cost you dearly on your pocket. So, unlike Hold’em games, you need to have sufficient bankroll to handle such losses, if any or have you emergency fund ready.

So, now that you know what you are up against, are you ready to play online Omaha poker? If you are nodding to that, let’s take you to an excellent online poker site that has some exciting Omaha poker games ready for you along with some crazy promotions.

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