WSOP Real Money Poker Nevada: A poker game with an authentic Nevada feel

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The all-time favourite WSOP poker game is now available as a mobile application! It has been developed by the native developers at Caesars Interactive. Currently, there is an iOS app available in the App Store for those who love and thought it could not get any better or any more addictive.

Before you get started with the app, there are a few things you must be aware of and keep in mind. WSOP Real Money Poker Nevada is a real money poker app. If you are still learning to play the game and are not serious about it, this app is not for you at all. In addition, you must be of legal gaming age- 21 years or older- and must be physically located within Nevada to be able to play this game. Your security and privacy is well taken care of using the best of SSL technology and high-quality encryption protocols. All games are fully licensed and regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC).

The WSOP Real Money Poker Nevada app is linked to the developers website- and is essentially an extension of it. Yet, the app looks fabulous on the iOS screen with the Retina Display and big screen displaying the poker tables fabulously. Current players can log in using their existing credentials while new players can directly create an account through the app.

The look and feel of the game is very traditional and authentic. Simply reflects on the thought and effort the designers have put into designing the game. Another plus point of the app is that it has very minimal distractions. Most poker apps usually have ridiculous graphics and ads popping up randomly that can serve as a distraction. This one has been designed for the serious players instead.

The game also comes with practice play in case you are a newbie to the game and would like to try it out. This also helps you get the hang of the user interface before you get started with real opponents and real money. Once you step into the real game, it works very smoothly and just as you would expect it to. The big screen of iOS devices is fully out to use indeed. Users can use real money to win real cash or use play money to play without making real bets.

The main menu has three types of games to choose between- Cash Games, Scheduled Tournaments and Sit & Go Games. The next step is to choose between Real Money or Play Money. Based on this, your funds are checked and you can proceed. Before getting started with a game, you have to register. The Registration Page will give you information about the number of players remaining, average stack, next blinds levels and currentblinds and start chips dollar amount. If you are ready to dive in, you can proceed to Register and then play.

The app interface gives you the feel of an actual poker table as you can see all of your opponents seated around the table with their names and current bets. The community cards are also placed on the table to give you a real feel. The game gives you 4 play options- Fold, Check, Raise and Slider for your money. This game is for serious players who would like to get an authentic feel of the game. If you are one of those, do not miss the chance!

Good: Excellent graphics and UI

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App –   Visit Official Page


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