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Keeping your home safe is a big topic among homeowners and renters. No one wants to be the victim of a robbery or some other terrible crime, but depending on the part of town you live in, sometimes it can be a difficult and scary prospect to think about the best way to protect your home. Here are a few tech gadgets that can help.

Smart Security Solution This gadget is pricey—coming in at $199 with an added $9.99 per month to keep a week’s worth of footage or $29.99 for a month’s worth of video—but the peace of mind may be worth it. This LG Smart Security Solution, made by ADT Home Security, does more or less everything you need: it’s a camera, a motion tracker, and even contains a microphone and speaker. Although expensive, it’s user-friendly, with an easy set-up process that syncs to a smartphone app.

Sensor-Activated Security Light If the area around your home is dark, an extra floodlight can do wonders to help protect you. Auraglow’s light has a solar panel and charges via natural daylight, meaning it’s always ready to go when night falls. The 10-foot sensor radius senses any movement and immediately turns on the light so you can see what’s going on.

Magnetic Shock Vibration Sensor Alarm Having trouble finding alarms in Winnipeg? Purchase this device, made by Defender, to attach to the door or window of your house, garage, or shed. The alarm is triggered by both a forced entry and a sneak-in attempt. When it senses something wrong, the siren goes off, and can be disarmed using a four-digit code that you set.

Bluetooth Smart Lock This $175 device syncs with your smartphone so you can control who enters—and doesn’t enter—your house. Made by Kevo, the smart lock lets you create an “approved list” of family and friends who can easily enter your house if they have their smartphone. With a separate in-app purchase, the device will work with Alexa voice commands too. Having your smartphone double as your house key is a great way to keep your home safe and secure.