Rock Like the Pros : Way to Learn Guitar Play !

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If you wanted to learn to play guitar, but don’t have time for lessons, there is a solution to your problem. Now you can learn to play guitar on your iPhone of iPad with the Rock Like the Pros app, developed by experienced guitarist and music teacher Terry Carter. Learn to play guitar on your schedule, with lessons available any …

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Leo Privacy Guard- Must Have Android App

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Leo Privacy Guard is one of the must have apps that one should try at least once.It is now very easy to maintain privacy and avoid unauthorized use of your phone.There are various mind blowing features available such as app locker and gallery hider where one can hide data and applications .One of my favorite feature is the app cover.With …

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Redbooth: Everything about your project in one place

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If you work with a big team, you will surely know how much time and effort collaboration takes. What you need is an easy interface to connect and work with your entire team as a team. Redbooth, an Android app is here to help you with that. All your tasks, video meeting, chats, time tracking and more can be accessed …

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Flyp for organized communication

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Make your life even simpler with Flyp, which gives you the benefits of having multiple phone numbers to call and text. Flyp is an innovative application from Flypsi, Inc. which enables any iOS mobile user to have multiple numbers for his/her single SIM. The app is now even available for Apple Watch. For different parts of our life we often …

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Crash Course in Finding the Best Mobile Casino Apps


Did you know that there’s an app that will stop you from calling your ex when you’re drunk? So cool, right. There’s an app for everything and casinos are no exception. Being able to take the casino with you wherever you are is a dream come true. Boring meeting? Who cares, I’ve got a Royal Flush. The tube is jam …

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Are Business Phone Systems Useful for a SOHO?

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Even the most successful businesses started small. Take a leaf from Apple for example; it started as a home-based business run by two entrepreneurs. Just like them, you may own a SOHO (small office/home office) probably based in your garage and with very few employees. This is nothing to be ashamed of, au contraire. According to Business For Home, a …

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Importance of Internet Parental Controls in this Digital Era

Family Time Webapprater

Very few of us get to know what our kids are going through. Your kids, especially teens have to face a number of challenges and you must support them in finding the possible way out. I have been searching for a friendly app for quite a while and finally I came across this app, FamilyTime. It’s an internet parental control …

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ShareMyToolbox : Excellent Tool Sharing App

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Introduction: Viewpoint Construction Software’s Business Incubator’ team announces the availability of an innovative tool sharing application ‘ShareMyToolbox’ which allows anyone with inventory of tools to share with others in their community or workplace.ShareMyToolbox puts the power of Mobile technology to facilitate the exchange of tools among friends or employees and makes them accountable without even checking into a garage or …

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TinyShout : Send a Shout Out To Those Around You

Tiny Shout Webapprater

A relatively new proximity-based messaging app called TinyShout is offering people the ability to send messages to those around them, even if those people are not contacts, followers or otherwise socially connected to them. The app, created by WaitIQ LLC, allows users to set the distance within which their messages are transmitted, and to define the time period during with …

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Now Messenger : Must Have Android App

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Is this another regular slow messenger application that offers nothing new and ignores your needs whatsoever? No, it is not. Now Messenger is a new generation free messenger application specially made to suit YOU, popular for its versatility and its interesting design.There are enormous differences between Now Messenger and any other messenger you are using at the moment. One of …

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Mobile Phone Spy App Review: Taking a Closer Look at XNSPY

Xnspy Webapprater

I’m going to be reviewing an app that is quite different to the ones I usually talk about. It’s called XNSPY and essentially, it is a mobile phone spy app. Basically, concerned parents put this on their kid’s phones and are able to track their calls, texts, browser history, GPS location, contacts and the like. I’m not going to lie, …

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Conx2Share : Promising Social Network App

Conex2share Webapprater

One of the most promising mobile apps to hit the market this year is Conx2share. This mobile app is a digital communication app available in both the Apple and Google Play Store. Conx2share offers you a convenient one-stop digital platform that can be used to control all digital communication. As its name suggests, the Conx2share basically offers users a sharing …

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