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Astrology is a complex system that can be difficult to fully understand for the non-initiated. But Onegodmed – Talk To Astrologer guides you through complicated topics with clear language and thought-provoking insights. What’s great about this app is that it doesn’t just provide predictions, but also analyses of planetary movements and plans; they help us make sense of what was once a mystery.

I have always been a believer in astrology, but I never really knew how to read them. Onegodmed has helped me understand the stars and their movements and has given me great advice on what I should do next. If you are looking for a good astrologer, I would highly recommend Onegodmed!

Welcome! To the Astrological calculations for your Life-Issues, only at Onegodmed, the best Astrology app. find all possible answers to your dreams and predictions related to Love, Marriage, Children, Relationships, Wealth, Career, Education, Finance & Business, etc., through divine science.

Yes, we believe nothing is certain but we make situations and things work by the right Astrological prediction and analysis of planetary movements and planet transits that impact everyone’s natal chart.

We are here for you and are meant to help you with believing nothing is certain but we make situations and things work by the right Astrological prediction and analysis of planetary movements and planet transits that impact everyone’s natal chart. anaging and controlling your life issues in an even more effective and better way.

We provide you with the Services and ease to choose from the best and most expert Vedic Astrologer, Numerologists, Tarot card readers, Vastu, and many other specialists only at Onegodmed.

Customer Friendly services

Talk/Chat online consultation: Onegodmed is one of the leading astrology prediction Apps where you can talk to India’s best Astrologers with your first call/chat session at ₹49.
Our object is to provide excellent services at a minimum cost. They are available 24/7 to help you with 100% authentic and reliable online astrology consultation with full privacy of your personal information & conversations.

Free Kundli & Match Making: Our expert will provide you with an Astrological chart of your Kundali/Horoscope with an explanation of current planetary transit and their effects as per your Horoscope by date of birth.

The important aspects which are considered at the time of marriage are Gun Milan, Nadi Dosha, Manglik Dosha, etc. If there are any doshas in the Kundli/horoscope of both boy and girl then by astrological remedies we can nullify harmful effects.

Daily Horoscope/Zodiac Signs: Onegodmed is a unique and single platform where you can get the scientific and actual Horoscope of your Zodiac signs. Something celestial is hidden for you every day that impacts your life in one or the other way.

To know more about your Horoscope in terms of education, career, relationship, business, etc., and its possible impacts on your future contact directly with our experienced Astrologers who are well-versed in multiple languages, so choose wisely and smartly.

Issues we can help you with Marriage/Love/Relationships: Are you still struggling in your married life or a new love? So don’t fret because Onegodmed provides you with the best solutions for relationship issues.

Career: If you are standing at the crossroad or the junction of your career and profession? But still confused and unable to make the right decision.

Business: Before starting a new business it’s tough to decide—
What business should I choose? How to invest, where to invest?
The one who can help you out from such misleading situations is the best advice, good decision, and trust that you can find at onegodmed with affordable consultation charges.

Finance: The priority of a person is to work for earning and saving good amounts to secure one’s life. But sometimes your expenditures exceed your savings.

Education: One of the toughest decisions comes when you are not sure about which stream is better for you or suits you the best among medical, engineering, commerce or humanities, arts, etc; even in such complicated situations we are there for you to help you choose the right direction.

So, relax, take a deep breath and do nothing, just seek online Astrology consultation with India’s Best Astrologers at Onegodmed.

Take Away

I have been consulting with Onegodmed for the last few months and they are amazing. They have helped me understand my future in a way that I never did before and I am so much more confident about what is in store for me. They are so helpful and understanding, always there to answer any questions I may have.


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