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Well Me Right is an online platform and community that allows you to connect with vetted Wellness Experts on a wide range of health-related topics and receive advice and support via a 1:1 private video call. Our platform vets and connects top Wellness Experts with individual Well Me Right community members seeking personalized advice and support.

Contact with vetted diet, nutrition, supplement, beauty, fitness, mindfulness, and other experts for 1:1 virtual coaching and support. Exposure to the best wellness support has never been easier; each expert is individually vetted, verified, and wholly approved by our team before being accepted.

When you hire a wellness expert to help you with your health, you are also helping to make the planet healthier. They donate 1% of profits to climate sustainability programs to assist in the scaling of emerging carbon removal technologies.

Begin Now

Locate an expert

  • Discover and select from our list of the best-certified wellness experts in their respective fields.

Schedule a video call

  • Choose a time that works for your schedule and your wellness expert’s schedule.

Consultation via the internet

  • Participate in a private 1-on-1 video meeting, ask questions, and receive expert advice.

Key Purpose

They adeptly strive to simplify wellness and healthy living by qualitatively educating, inspiring and supporting one another to live healthier, fitter, happier, and more fulfilled lives rooted in health. Their mission is to democratize active access to wellness information and expertise by providing everyone with access to the best minds, professionals, educators, and wellness and healthy living experts.

For Members

Membership is completely free. Sign up and create a free Well Me Right account to become a community member. They all require a little assistance from time to time. Their experts are the most effective way to obtain qualified professional help for your wellness support needs.

Before being approved for listing on the platform, all experts are thoroughly vetted and reviewed by the Well Me Right team. They have a thorough review and assessment process to ensure that experts are qualified to provide the services offered.

Final Words

Wellness Experts are among the greatest in their field, and there is no limit to how they can help and guide you on their platform. Nearly every day, new and exciting Well Me Right offerings come to life as experts look for new and innovative ways to help members solve their most challenging wellness problems from the convenience of their own homes.

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