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ScholarTree is a website that assists students in funding their education through scholarships. They help students find and apply for scholarships. Moreover, companies and individuals can create their own scholarships. This is how they generate millions of dollars in new scholarships.

ScholarTree was founded on the belief that no student should be forced to limit their educational options due to financial constraints. Every student, we believe, has the right to postsecondary education. Many companies claim to assist students in finding scholarships, but they are simply marketing student data. They are Canada’s only company actively creating new scholarships for students and making them more accessible.

They genuinely believe that bringing students and scholarship providers together on ScholarTree and simplifying the entire process can make education more affordable.

How ScholarTree Can Assist        

Enhanced Exposure

  • Take advantage of the network of over 20,000 students. Take your place on our Sponsor’s Wall.

Simple Administration

  • Their user-friendly platform streamlines the entire process. They can even handle everything for you.

Get to Know Your Students

  • Before you give them money, could you get to know them? View their detailed profiles, which include images, videos, resumes, and other information

Scholarship Page Design

  • PersonalizePersonalize the look and feel of your scholarship page to convey your brand’s values and ideal candidate.

Why begin a scholarship?

College is Expensive

  • The average Canadian student graduates with a debt of $28,000! Assist students in beginning their lives without the burden of student debt!

Promote Your Company

  • A scholarship is an excellent way to give back to the community while highlighting your personal or brand’s values.

Develop Student Relationships

  • Make contact with today’s youth. Find a potential employee, colleague, or customer.

Regain Control of Your Donations

  • Understand where every dollar is going. Consider the direct effect you have on a student.

How Can Scholartree Assist Students?

ScholarTree helps in saving students weeks spent searching for scholarships for which they are eligible. Depending on their information, we immediately show them all the scholarships they qualify for and then walk them through the application process.

Final Words

The developer of this app did an excellent job with concepts. And, thanks to the lovingly designed app features, everything is packed with beneficial features for global users.

Web App: SchorTree


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