10 Things You Never Knew About Jinne Store

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Jinne store focuses on small and extra-small business growth and how to increase business sales. It is easy to register, make a seller account, and sell. You can make more sales in one jinne store with the lowest commission rates. Setting up an account, requesting a vendor (Seller) account, and selling is simple.

Select Products from a Library with Over +100,000 Products to Sell

Jinne store provides you with a library of over 100,000 products from which to choose and sell or even add a new product. With our substantial, impressive library of items, Jinne made it easier to help your business grow and make sales online.

Earn More – Increase Your Sales and Profits with Jinne Store

After registering with the vendor’s system, you can begin selling and earning with the Jinne store. It is simple and quick to earn twice what you acquire from your physical store without making additional payments other than commission.

Why Should You Go With Jinne?

Commissions at the lowest possible levels

Jinne offers the lowest commission rates on the web, so you won’t have to pay exorbitant fees.

High-Quality Assistance         

You are provided with high-quality Support, and you can quickly contact us for assistance in establishing your store.


Creating fully encrypted requests and accounts enables a fully secured application with highly developed and enhanced technologies to solve your problems.

Multiple Stores

You can quickly have, manage, and control multiple stores from your account and add fewer permissions users to moderate it for you.

Offers and Sales

You can enter your own prices for “On Sale Items” and “Offers” that you want to include.

Product Features

  • Consumers can use a single app to shop for millions of products at any Jinne Store worldwide.
  • Reap the benefits of 1-Click ordering, customer service, order tracking, and other features.
  • Enrol in automatic shipment notifications to be notified when your order ships and arrives.
  • Purchase with confidence, knowing that all transactions are processed securely.

Final Thoughts

The Jinne Store app allows you to browse millions of products and manage your orders from any location. Search by category, compare products, read product reviews, and track the status of your orders.


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