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It is more than just another to-do app, 101 in 365 aims to inspire and get your life moving by persuading you to list 101 things that you plan to do in the next 365 days. Your first challenge comes in thinking of 101 goals, but as the site points out, these don’t have to be huge: “learn how to prepare tea” is just fine, as is anything else that will personally make a difference to you.

After creating the list, lock it, and go to work, marking items as in progress or completed as the year goes by. You can optionally make your list public, too, so friends and family can check on your progress and make sure you’re on schedule.

It isn’t your regular to-do list and designed to keep your somewhat longer term goals organized. It’s not about what needs to get done today, this week, or even this month. Your 101in365 can have things as big as “buy a house” or as simple as “learn how to play golf.” They can be your new years resolutions or your “before my next birthday” checklist – you name it.

Visit this site at http://www.101in365.com and post your reviews as comments

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