5 Most Useful Study Apps for College Freshmen

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Image 1: College student struggling to study

Getting ready to join college? You are not alone. In 2019, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) indicated close to 20 million students would attend college and universities. But there’s no strength in numbers because every student arrives on their own. Most students experience a plethora of problems ranging from homesickness, time management, depression and social problems, among others.

However, it is the studying bit that troubles almost every freshman. With so much work to do in a new system, studying can be tough for a new college student. One way to overcome this challenge is by leveraging modern technology. For instance, to ease your assignment load, you can buy college papersonline.

Use of study apps is another effective long-term solution to improve your research, writing skills, time management and much more. This post highlights five invaluable study apps you must have to make your first year of college successful.

  1. My Study Life

This study app is available on iOS, android, windows and chrome, and it is an invaluable tool to start your semester. The free app helps organize your assignments, classes, and exams. Oen of the biggest problems first-year students have in college is time management.

With so much on your hands, you will find it hard to track what assignments are due and when exams will start. The My Study Life app ensures you never forget any task, class or test in college. Forget your paper planner because with this app, everything is in one place and you can check it in a click. From scheduling / timetabling, reminders to cross-platform syncing, you have it all with this study app.

This is a free app available for Android/iOS/Web. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your first year is how to organize and store all your fast-accumulating notes and research. You don’t want to lose any data after so much hard work, and this is where Evernote an organization tool comes in handy.

You can now collect your information and store it in one app. This app even syncs between your computer and mobile devices, meaning you can access all your data on the go.  When researching, you can collect all notes from various sources and store them on this app. It makes studying and researching more efficient and you’ll always find it easy to track your writing.

Over 40 million people use Quizlet for their studies and for many good reasons. It is an invaluable study tool applicable to multiple disciplines form languages, math, social science, arts and humanities, among others. You can access all information you need to ace your next test all in one place.

There are endless study set and diagram topics on the app and you can now forget paper flashcards. On this app, you can build your quizzes and study games to help you understand the most complex topics. Whether you want flashcards to learn a new language or a game to help you remember tough subjects in history, you have all these tools on this app.

It is a great challenge as a freshman to conquer your course. In many cases, the concepts are new and you have to master them fast to start writing term papers and tests. StudyBlue comes in handy as your best tool to conquer the toughest subjects. The free app is available onAndroid/iOS and allows you to upload class study materials, practice quizzes, create electronic flashcardsand collaborate in your studies.

This is the most extensive crowdsourced study library and boasts millions of flashcards, notes and study guides shared by students like you. If you want to find something about any subject, there’s no better place to look for it. StudyBlue will help you improve your grades.

This app is great for studying and revision. It offers mind maps which boost your memory. The mind maps are great for brainstorming. You can customize the mind apps by adding media such as images and videos to voice memos. You can keep track of ideas, and it is simple to use. The SimpleMind Pro comes at only $7.99.

Wrapping Up

The first year in college can be tough. What with a new environment, new people and a lot of new subjects. However, these study apps can help you get a grip of your academics, learn how to study and improve your grades right from the start.


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