25 Days of Christmas – Holiday Advent Calendar 2013 :Perfect Day Counter Game

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A traditional calendar application which is used to count the number of days remaining until Christmas, starting December 1st 2013. Although it’s a calendar application in the form of counter, it doesn’t stop there as a normal calendar application. It gives you variety of entertainments in the form of Mini-Games, Music and Puzzles, etc. It’s a quiet interesting application with a unique look and feel. 25 Days of Christmas – Holiday Advent Calendar 2013, iPhone application is designed perfectly for the Christmas celebration. The simple design and the animations used in this application gives you a better feel that Christmas in not so far. You can consider this application either as a Calendar Counter application or as a Game Combo application. This application is not restricted with any age group. It’s designed to entertain everyone right from the kids to grandmas in the form of several cute games like Biscuit Bash!, Deck the halls, Snowball Fight, Pudding Blast, Elf Tap, jingle Bells, etc.

Advent calendar is nicely integrated with iPhone’s Game Center where you will easily compete among your friends with small challenges. The leaderboad section of this application gives you a collective leaderboard information of all the games it is providing. It’s always good to have everything in a single page to know your rank in each of these Mini-games. Every time you hit the top score it gives you points for your achievements in each games. Which helps you to stand out among your friends as a top scorer. Share your scores easily on the social media sites like Facebook & Twitter to become more popular among your friends. Other than the game achievements this application gives unique gifts in the form of other applications like Christmas Booth, Magic Mania, etc., yes of-course they free Christmas gifts.

The look and feel of this application suits well for the nature of this application, yes the application opens with a Christmas giving tree which really means they are giving you a lot of useful and interesting applications for free of cost. The weather of Christmas season is rightly depicted with snow falls. The small jingle bells and the unique pine trees will make you celebrate Christmas right from Day 1 of December. It really entertains you for rest of the 25 days until the Christmas day. Each day assignments are marked with number starting 1 to 25, one for each day. As soon as you complete each day’s assignments in the form games you will be rightly rewarded with cool gifts and points. The Christmas music and Jingle bell’s sound behind the scenes keeps you warm in the winter weather.

This application will remind you to decorate your house and buy gifts for Christmas just from it’s look and feel. If you don’t know what are the object to use for your decoration, just go inside this application you will find variety of houses decorated colorfully with Jingle bells and Christmas trees puffed by snow.

This application has a info button where you can find useful information like tutorial, feedback form, their other cute application and finally options to control the music and sound effects. You really find this application entertaining during the Christmas season. Share this application with your friends over Facebook, Twitter and invite many people to play along with you. You will really love the games inside this application and will find them interesting rather than other games in the social media.

Worth Having Application –  Count Your Chirstmas Days With App



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