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If you are looking for yoga apps for Android, then All-in Yoga is among the best you will find. Although it is not as good as the iOS version, it is still quite excellent and helpful in maintaining your health. This app is available for free and has over 300 yoga poses. Each of the poses has a set of photos and instructions so that you can follow it well and have no issue comprehending any of it. The sessions are hence very efficient.

There is also a ready-made program containing voice guidance and video that has been compiled by professional and experienced yogis. The poses have been grouped as per the level of difficulty and the type. This makes it very easy to find a particular one. Also, you can choose poses from a given level based on your capability. There is a voice over with guidance to help you go through each program easily and swiftly. There is a duration countdown for each pose along with instructions and photos. There is no way you can get a better training mode than this. To help you stay calm and peaceful, there is music that you can play while working out the poses. There are 10 music tracks available on this app.

Besides using the already existing programs, you can also design and create your own programs. This is easy to do so and the process is quite quick too. You can even edit your program with equal ease. There is an option to select from the many poses available on a list and set a duration for each pose too. The order of the poses can be changed, poses can be deleted and new ones added as well. All this without much hassles.

The app is in HD with excellent quality audio and video guides for every pose. There are also 3D muscle models to help you grasp the poses better. There are meditation, relaxation and breathing programs. You can also take up breathing exercises on different levels. If you desire, the app will have its professional yogis create program especially for you. You can add your own custom poses to their database. To make your friends aware about yoga, you can send the programs and poses to their devices too.

To help you out at any point, there is live support that comes free with the app. You also have help and guidance to cool down after you finish each program. Your constant progress can be shared with others through Twitter and Facebook in no time. You can keep track of your workout sessions in the form of a colorful calendar, which has many quotes related to yoga.

The All-in yoga Android app shows different photos of the poses but does not have the transitions between these poses, which are also equally important. The teacher’s voice often cuts out when you are halfway through a pose. The instructions are not very great either. The voice cannot be turned off to listen to the music and you have to keep looking at the device to keep track of the timer. Besides this, the design is great and so is the organization.

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