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Have you ever had clients that never showed up to an important meeting? Have you ever had people (that are part of your company) tell you that they needed a reminder in order to meet an important deadline or attend a meeting? AppointmentSMS is a web application service that enables SMS alerts and reminders to forgetful people. In fact, it is easier to send them an SMS alert than a call or an email the day before because they might not even check it. With AppointmentSMS there is no excuse to be absent other than real illnesses or valid reasons. With companies, this is important because you need people to increase their productivity in these hard times in order to salvage companies.

So what is this service about? You don’t have to use your phone to send out various texts, this web application can prepare and send your personalized text message while you’re on any computer, wherever you are. As long as you have internet service, you do not need to install anything else. If you’re a physician, all you need to do is send a text alert to them and you’re set. No more landline fees or long distance fees when you call your patients outside the US. Save yourself some time and money, make your life easier and forget about everything else by using Appointment SMS.

Unlike other SMS alert websites, AppointmentSMS charges you for the text messages that you actually use instead of a membership which can include limitations if you don’t pay enough, monthly or weekly. Along with the great service you have from AppointmentSMS, you also get key features such as a calendar, where you can select to send appointments beforehand. Just set them up and forget about them because they will arrive at the exact time and date you choose to send them. If you want to schedule new appointments, this is the first thing you’re gonna look at.

AppointmentSMS keeps templates of text messages, so all you have to do is type them in once and save them. The web application itself will keep it safe for future customers, patients or coworkers. The best thing about this service is that people can believe that you’re actually taking your time to write them a text message from your phone. AppointmentSMS sends the message from their system, yet they can configure it so that people see that it was you or your business name. You can also give the users the option to reply to the text message if they need to cancel the appointment beforehand. Best of all, reply messages are free!

You sign up on AppointmentSMS in three easy steps, where you choose your country, fill in your companie’s info and enjoy 5 free SMS credits, courtesy of AppointmentSMS. With this, you can send yourself an appointment reminder to see how quick and accurate the service is. You can even send yourself a reminder for a future task or deadline and the application will send you the text message. Now you want to know the cost per each reminder or text message. Depending on the country you’re in, you are able to see the rates per reminder in many different currencies. If you’re from the US, for example, the rate goes for 15.5 cents per reminder, which is cheap compared to long distance landline fees.

With AppointmentSMS, you don’t need your secretary to call each patient and remind them of an appointment. In your company, you don’t have to write a text message while you’re on your cellphone, which could lead to potential accidents if you’re texting while driving. This application was made for you, so get your free credits today.

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