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A good fortune is what everyone likes to have. There are so many apps that are dealing with fortune strategy. But few of them are only able to offer something meaningful. Recently I got one app accidentally and the name of the app is AR Maneki Neko. There is a virtual Japanese fortune cat which will come in different themes.

AR Maneki Neko Features:

As far as if the features of this application are considered, the highlighted feature is that it is Augmented Reality feature supporting. That means you can superimpose the cat into your own view of the real world. This will make your experience in a better way. There are also other accessories which are available.

Other than this, the app is having good user-friendly graphics with cool animation. You can easily share it with your friends via social messaging platforms. The other options like shop and wish is also available.

Concept of the app:

The main concept of the game is all about predicting fortune and person’s chance about marriage, love, good match, health etc. Initially, when you will download and install the app, you will see a box. When you will tap on that box it will get open and Maneki Neko cat will come out. It will perform O-mikuji fortune telling. As it is having AR supporting feature, you can easily superimpose the cat into the real-world.

Every day this cat will give the magic coin. You need to collect them all and redeem your coins to get O-mikuji random fortunes. This will result in fortune to be good. On finishing out with coin collection, you will be able to unlock accessories.

AR Maneki Neko is all about fun for predicting fortune. Get this application for your good luck.

Summary: AR Maneki Neko is a fortune telling application. This platform is all about Japanese Virtual cat which comes in different themes.

  • Features: 3.5
  • Graphics: 4
  • Usability: 3.5
  • Accessibility: 4

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