Babbu – UK’s First Online Nursery

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Babbu is an early development ed-tech firm that has developed an online nursery app to assist parents and respective guardians of children under the age of five. Millions of the world’s more than 650 million parents with children under the age of five cannot provide their children with structured learning during their developmental years, owing to the high costs of traditional nurseries.

COVID-19’s impact has also exacerbated the problem, with studies indicating that the pandemic has widened the disadvantage gap regarding educational outcomes. Babbu’s online nursery, founded by an award-winning flexible nursery founder, addresses this to give each child the best possible life start and support childhood development during the most critical years.

Babbu’s idea is to deliver children and their parents the tools they need to make a child’s early years as formative as possible. This has become even more critical as a result of the pandemic. Babbu’s one-of-a-kind meaningful proposition, commercial viability, and passionate and inspiring founding team make it a no-brainer recommendation.

What exactly are you waiting for?

Join the waitlist for over 40 hours of individualized expert advice, fun tasks, and educational resources.

How about if, like many parents, you can’t afford childcare?

As the cost of living rises, the number of childminders decreases, and nurseries remain underfunded, forcing them to raise their fees, many parents find themselves unable to pay for childcare. As a result, there is a growing gap between those who have access to childcare and early childhood education and those who do not. According to Charlie Rosier, the solution is an online nursery. She is a co-founder of Babbu, the UK’s first online nursery.

The App’s content is based on decades of scientific research and the assistance of leading early childhood development experts, child psychotherapists, and Early Years Practitioners. It is organized around eight major themes:

  • Learning through Play
  • Each Child Is Unique
  • Family-Centred Learning
  • Blended Pedagogy
  • Enabling Environments
  • Diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability are all important considerations.
  • Educated Teachers
  • Research-based.

Final Thoughts

Babbu is the only firm that offers tailored content that adapts to a child’s development while also assisting parents in understanding how their child is developing.

Web App: Babbu


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