Bad Bad Rats : Save the Flowers From Being Hurt

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Fruit Ninja has been one of the most popular apps in the Android Market. Slicing away those fruits with your sharp fingers has always been appreciated but it has been the constant effort of the users to match those high scores that actually drives the game. But the concept has now been outdated and requires something new to satisfy the upcoming demands. While slicing animals in place of the fruits isn’t the right choice for it, taking in rats as the caretakers of flowers might add the missing spices. The combination sounds weird but works better than previous one. So, why not to try it?

We have a new game in the Android Play Market called Bad Bad Rats developed by Handyapes Studio. The app is compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 or later version. So, how do rats act as the protectors of the Flower Kingdom if they are themselves one of the “spoilers” in our houses and shops? Then we would say that this is just a game and can even have a cat protecting a mouse, so the characters are not of a much debate but it’s actually the gameplay that follows.

The main controls of the app are still the same. You have to slice away all the things dropping down on those cute little flowers. The only difference is that missing some of those items would have only cost you some points but here; the flowers get damaged and die if anything drops on them. So, you need to be careful to not miss many. Then, there are some additional items such as garbage bags that upon slicing may damage all the flowers and your game finished right on the spot if you repeat it more than three times. So, you just not need to play it accurate and fast, but sensible as well.

The game offers most of the typical bonus points such as Combo bonus for slicing items perfectly in a sequence. Adding to that list, there are some surprise gifts waiting for you. But they are available via Bonus levels for which you have to unlock them first by getting more points and stars. The game also requires you to score at least 2 stars mostly to unlock the next levels.

Though there are no different game modes like endless play or time mode, still there are enough levels of gameplay that will keep you busy for hours. Then you must score 3 stars for unlocking them bonus levels. So, you must be exercising with that restart key lot more than frequent. The animations and characterization help the game be differentiated from a typical Fruit Ninja game. But we would have liked to see some different concept to actually call it original. Still it’s fine enough to bear a new pair of shoes for itself.

The game is available for free in the Play Store. So, be sure to pick it up now.

Pros: nice gameplay; beautiful characterization and animations; free.

Cons: nothing new to the concept.

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