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Everyone should be fully hydrated to maintain health and productivity. As per a statistics report, 1% of dehydration drops productivity into 12% loss, thus hydration plays an important role in the human body. 

As a Human resource manager in a software developing firm, I denoted that our employees have deviated from the biological cycle and it creates drastic changes in their work. We tried many methods to bring them into a proper drinking habit to keep them hydrated. Then I found the app Plant Nanny2, which helps to remind them to drink water at regular intervals. It works magically (and without causing extra stress). 

When I researched to resolve the hydration issue, my family physician discussed the arrival of applications for self-health and he suggested trying Plant Nanny2. Developed by Fourdesire who crafts applications in a passionate way, the developer used to change every issue into a playful way that attracts users and also it improves their life by seeding a good habit. Likewise, it helps to create a new habit within our employees within twenty of Plant Nanny2 usage. 

AppPicker a well-known iOS application blog quoted about Plant Nanny2 as “We never imagined an app could make something as simple as drinking water so fun” which perfectly describes the function of the app. While you drink a glass of water, you water the plant in a single tap. Plant Nanny2 shows how much amount of water you should drink daily from the weight of your body and your daily activity level. It generates daily, weekly and monthly reports about user’s water consumption history so you could keep on track easily. 

Aside from being a creative game, the developer created a beautiful interface to incorporating the truly interactive experiential design. We observe the fame of this application in the Health & Fitness category and the user reviews show this app improvises the life of many peoples uniquely.

This application is optimized to work through multiple devices and requires the latest versions of the Android and iOS operating systems. Users are supported through The productivity of my firm and the health of my employees are now returned to their optimal level which shows the demand for creating potential habits to enhance business. And by the creation of Plant Nanny2, users are relaxing, having fun, and improving their lives.

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