The Best Educational Apps for Kids — iOS Apps for Learning

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The Best Educational Apps for Kids

Over the last few decades, educational trends have changed dramatically. With the emergence of smartphones and the Internet, education has become more accessible for people of all ages. Thanks to a large number of mobile learning apps, the communication gap between learners and teachers has also decreased.

According to, the percentage of illiterate people worldwide has decreased by more than 20% in the recent decade. Thanks to advances in technology, people can start learning at an early age. Childhood is the most significant time for studying, which is why children require new and innovative learning techniques.

In this article, we will shed some light on the most useful iOS apps for children.

YouTube Kids

Developed primarily for children, YouTube Kids offers a wide range of educational activities for kids of different ages. Starting from nursery rhymes and ending with logic puzzles, this application inspires youngsters to learn something new with the help of cartoons and animated characters.

Kids are free to use their imagination and search through a huge number of educational videos. Once YouTube Kids identifies their age (it is done either manually or automatically based on the watched content), it offers them a chance to subscribe to new episodes of their favorite show. This app is completely free but has some ads.


ClassDojo is an application that compliments the existing learning process by introducing an online platform for students, parents, and teachers. It is a tripartite prototype of a social network, where all users can chat with each other, create notifications and ask questions.

For example, kids can post a question regarding a home task, and their teacher can make a short movie explaining the material once again. Parents, on their part, can monitor their children’s performance by seeing their grades and teacher`s comments.

ClassDojo is a great combination of excellent design and high performance. It uses animated characters to attract children and has a broad variety of functions to establish a productive dialogue between teachers and parents.


Meet Memrise — an app that won the BestApp award on Google Play in 2017. If you are looking for the best way to learn a new language, you should definitely try it.

The idea behind it is very simple — it helps you learn a new language by using flashcards. Its unique algorithm enables it to monitor your performance and select new words and phrases according to your current language proficiency.

Since 2017, Memrise has received many improvements. One of the most significant additions is the availability of video tutorials featuring native speakers. Thus, a user of any age can search for video material that corresponds to their current language skills.

Elmo Loves 123’s

Elmo Loves 123’s helps your child recognize and count numbers from 0 to 50, perform simple calculations, and arrange numbers in the right order.  Young learners will be motivated by special rewards, such as cartoons and puzzles with their favorite characters.

The best thing about it is that kids’ favorites from Sesame Street Elmo and Abby will guide them through their learning process. Elmo Loves 123’s costs only $5 and contains no adds.

Quick Maths

This app also aims to help your children solve simple math problems. However, it is geared mostly toward 2nd to 5th-grade students.

Quick Maths assists your children in improving their analytical and arithmetical skills. It uses simple concepts that make it much easier for kids to understand algebra and geometry. Some people think that mathematics is not that exciting to learn, but with Quick Maths, it can be a lot of fun. This app is free of charge but contains in-app purchases.


VocabularySpellingCity is an educational app for high-school students who want to improve their spelling and writing skills.

They can choose between different categories of grammar, punctuation, and lexical exercises. The app offers a broad variety of tasks, such as putting the words in alphabetical order, taking a spelling test, filling in blanks in the text and finding synonyms for underlined words.

Some people think that it’s too early for kids to study something as complex as this, but it is only partially true. Gaining excellent writing and spelling skills in high or even middle school can help your child do the assignments without looking for services to buy academic research paper online.

Number Run

Number Run is a mathematical analog of the Temple Run game. The idea behind it is simple: the player should help a panda overcome obstacles by solving math problems. The more you solve, the longer the distance the panda runs.

The app offers a multiplayer mode so that your child can share their score online and compete with their friends. Moreover, the list of available tasks is updated monthly, so your children will never get bored solving the same assignments again and again. Number Run costs $2, contains no ads and offers in-app purchases.


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