Blast Your Way through the Sky with Marble Jetpack Adventure

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Arcade adventures are always loved by gamers and they are a great way of pastime. When these come with a unique concept they would be nice to play. The Play Store may be filled with a lot of gaming apps where only a few of them are interesting. One such game that I downloaded recently is the Marble Jetpack.

Given by the BB Electronics LLC, the app Marble Jetpack is something that you would love playing to the core. This arcade adventure allows you to go through the different environments of the gaming, collect as many stars as you can, defeat the enemies, shoot down the stars in each level and keep moving.

Marble Jetpack is loaded with a lot of surprises as you progress through each level. The app gives you power-ups and checkpoints where you can add some time to your journey. The game requires your skill paired with hand and eye coordination and all of this must be achieved in time.

The app comes with the gaming levels named as Arcade. The Challenges and Adventure are the other genres of the game that we can expect to be released in the near future. The game is the most gripping one I have ever played and I can’t wait to play the other levels as well. The level one is just like the training you could take to get used to the working of the jetpack. As you enter level 2, the game gives you a jetpack which you can use to fly above the ground level, aim and shoot the enemies who fire at you, dodge their strike and move on. It is a lot more engaging to fly and shoot at the same time.

Marble Jetpack has the joystick on the left hand corner of the screen which can be taken up, down, left or right. The app has a pause icon that allows you to stop the game for some time which many gamers prefer. The life, number of stars collected, the enemies and everything can be clearly seen at the top of the screen. The inventory section of the app allows you to choose different skin for your marble. The app comes with in-app purchases that help you purchase lives for money or by watching videos.

Marble Jetpack is compatible with all Android devices that operate on 6.0 or later versions. I have already suggested it to my kith and kin and they enjoy playing with it.

Worth Having app – Download the App


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