Bonfyre: Re-live Your Bonfire Get-togethers the Bonfyre Way

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Bonfyre is the latest, coolest photo management app that allows you to share photos in a privatized way. A bonfire chat is the best way to relax yourself and bring out the best in others. The developers at have realized this and have created this splendid app that allows you to socially network with your friends in a novel way. It is a simple photo sharing app that is organized centered on the events and associating the shared photos with their events.

Start-up walk-through of Bonfyre

  • Open the app and start a Bonfyre
  • Name the event that you want to start and this will be the name of your Bonfyre. For example Granma’s 100th birthday or Sam’s sports day whichever even you want to record for posterity
  • Invite the people that you want to share your photos and comments with. You can invite through the Friends or Groups option of Bonfyre or Facebook or text messaging your contacts
  • There are two quick options that enable other uninvited people in our contacts to join or allow the participants of the bonfire to invite people of their choice. You can either allow or deny these privileges by either checking or unchecking the options.
  • The last step is to set the date and time of the event though this is optional
  • After setting up the Bonfyre you can now start sharing the photos and receiving updates of your friends’ activities

Functional Highlights

  • An opening screen that displays all the Bonfyres on your phone with an advanced interface that provides easy handling
  • Each Bonfyre not only allows us to share existing and currently clicked pics, but also allows us to chat with the currently online invitees
  • This app also concurrently enables us to instantly share these photos on social networking sites or add captions or comment on the photos
  • At any point in time, you can edit the settings of the Bonfyre like cancel the event, find out who is currently online, check out every detail of each photo or invite more friends and the like
  • An exclusive screen is allotted for the principal purpose of viewing the recently updated bonfires and is available under the Memories tab
  • In the ‘Me’ section, this app displays all information about your profile saved on Bonfyre
  • This app is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices that has iOS 5 installed on them


The conception of this app is commendable for its idea and its intention to revolutionize the way photos are being shared. Whenever we share a photo on the web, the context is missing and the comments that come with it are forgotten over time. But with this app, we first set the context, then share the photos then store the conversations & comments that come with it as memories. And these memories can be recollected with just a tap of your phone.


There might be a slight chance that photo sharing might get redundant with the usage of this app. If we use this app without using any other ways of photo sharing, we have an enjoyable experience.


Bonfyre is an amazing way to plan your events, record them and store them for eternity. As you get to live every moment of your life only once, Bonfyre helps you re-live those moments again and again. So don’t miss out on the Bonfyre experience!

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