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Having the best book creator on your device can be one of the interesting things that one can have. The bookpress is one of them and it acts also as a story maker tool where you can make your own stories via your device. You can simply create your own version of books that are of high quality then transfer them to bookpresss where they will be printed to final books.

This app is quite amazing in such a way that it allows any iPhone user to write or even design any type of book ranging from photo books to year books, cookbooks to story books. Your work is just to decide on the type of book that you would wish to create depending on the design and the outlook. Book press also avails quite a number of features such as PDF documents, Word documents, photos or posts that you generate from your own blog so as to come up with one of the best types of books created in some few minutes. In this app, you will realize that you can use any files that you have stored in various sites such emails, Cloud, Dropbox, or even Flicker can be chosen and thereafter used to make books and relevant stories.

There are many features that Bookpress avails to you and below are some of them.

  1. Editing of Your own books online.

Bookpress is interesting in one way or another in that you can simply edit the books that you had earlier on created online and even via your iPad. This is quite beneficial since you can change any of your content to suit various readers. You can also make relevant corrections that you had made when you were creating your initial piece.

  1. Working in a Safe Environment.

This app is more secure when using it than any other type of app. Bookpress is secure in that it allows creating your own books online and source them out to the beneficiaries and therefore no publishers required. It’s secure in such a way that you the publishers are not involved who might make some illegal editing of your documents and books that you have created.

  1. Sharing of eBooks.

The act of sharing some of your personal creations is some of the trending things that people do. Bookpress app is not different from various apps in that it allows the user to share any of their eBooks on various social networks. When you do this, you will be able to get relevant reviews and comments from friends and even expertise authors who have ever used the app to create eBooks. Make sure you respond to the responses you get about what people are saying and use it to come up with the best eBook.

  1. Come up with Hardcover or Softcover Products.

You can simply order and receive your products processed to either Softcover of hardcover copies. There are some important features that the app entails that will make sure that all the requirements are met so as to come up with better copies of your products.

These are some of the amazing features of Bookpress app and you can download it to enjoy the above features.


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