Bring Your Stories to Life with the Tuesday Visual Novel Engine

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If you are a creator, you would like to get creative with your novels and how about the help of an app where everything gets simplified and done for you. That would be more wonderful, right? Visual Novel Engine is a free software game engine that helps with the creation of visual novels. 

As I wanted to make my visual novel, my friend recommended to me Tuesday – Visual Novel Engine. I do not have any knowledge of programming languages, but this software made everything a breeze. This simple, web-based, open-source free editor is made with Javascript and it doesn’t need any separate software installation. The editor allows users to make fiction, graphic/kinetic novels without you requiring any knowledge of programming languages. 

The interface of this software is so neat and easy to use. All that you must do is just drag and drop for editing the scenes. The editor gives you the script in a flowchart node with all the plot elements and branches. This facility makes easier navigation and so users can come up with an awesome story with many plot options.

The following are some of the unique features of the application. The visual novel editor gives you the script’s structure with all elements like dialog options and selection consequences. This makes it easier to move and edit the script. The scene editor helps you to put all the elements in one place. It brings you a clear picture to show how the scene changes on different screens. 

The Visual Novel Engine enables users to adapt to stories in any language. It facilitates a localized translation for any project element that has text and graphics. With the help of the preview feature, the user can run the project in any language. The script of the story is stored in a JSON structure that any programming language can adapt well. This helps the users to port the script to another engine or platform. 

This engine utilizes the standard HTML5 document elements such as div and img. It facilitates the use of any media format supported by browsers like vector graphics svg, gif animations and css styles. It is available for Android devices, desktops, Mac OS and it also comes with an online editor. It has a tutorial and in case you have any doubts or wish to give your feedback, you can write to the team on [email protected].

If you are looking for a visual novel, then this tool gets the job done for you perfectly. No matter wherever you are, Tuesday Visual Novel Engine makes things perfect for you.


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