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Do you own a business? It can be any product or service you deliver or you can be an individual with an Instagram account, you might want to know about the likes, comments and followers you have. If you own a business, you might be curious to find out what your clients have to say. Are they saying good things about you? Are they satisfied by your performance/product? These may be some among the many queries that arise when you have an Instagram account and tracking your followers take more time and effort. Want to have more followers and likes on Instagram? try to use GetInsta.

One application that makes this task easier is Combin. It is a software that allows you to manage, grow your Instagram in a safe and organic manner. When you create temporary likes and follow backs on Instagram, it can be pointless and may lead to blocking of your account. Combin helps you to promote your Instagram account in a safe and wise manner. It is a smart tool that fetches you genuine followers, likes and comments and helps boost your Internet marketing.

The working of Combin is very simple. You have to download Combin on your Windows, Mac Os or Linux and launch it. Later, you will have to login to the Instagram accounts you wish to shoot up. As you login, you can use the search tab and select add search to start increasing your Instagram audience. The app allows you to find out posts with relevance to locations or hashtag. Later, you can select the posts and leave like and comments and follow the uploaders. You can also update your search and refresh the results. The application allows you to follow and unfollow any number of people you want. You will also be able to select users for last posts.  

What I like most about the team, is its webinar section that gives you the ability to learn on how to make an effective use of your Instagram account with the help of Combin. The webinar session is highly informative and it takes your marketing to the next level.  They also provide an elaborate guide along with the features description at the ‘getting started’ page. The help center of Combin with guides, ‘how to’, FAQ and troubleshooting are its other notable features. If you have any queries you can also contact them on their Twitter, YouTube and reddit or through their own blog on the website.

The plans of Combin vary from starters, personal and business each with a different pricing. The starter plan is completely free where as the personal and business plan come with $10 and $30 per month respectively. The number of Instagram accounts you can manage, the instant search results for posts and users, search results refresh ability, statistics and unlimited in-app actions are the different benefits that you can avail using Combin. Auto-tasks, DM and comments feed are also expected to be released by the team in the near future. When you want to create an engaging community by drawing attention of only those people who are interested in your product and become a successful brand, Combin comes in handy. If you want to get more Instagram free followers to promote your brands, GetInsta would be a good choice

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