Commit: Everyday Consistency

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Create habits that will last rather than streaks that will fade. Consider the big picture. Achieve your long-term goals without feeling pressured to maintain streaks with the help of Commit: Everyday Consistency app.

Transform Your Mind and Body with 75 Soft/Hard Challenges

Are you up for the challenge of 75 days of discipline, hard work, and progress? You want to go on a diet, drink a gallon of water, read ten pages, and do two workouts a day? We will assist you in tracking your progress and completing the renowned 75 hard programme.

Engage In Habits

You make a commitment to change by developing a new habit with customizable regularity that is unique to you.

Image Your Progress

The grid’s elegant design allows you to focus on the big picture and see the power of consistency and compounding. As a result, you will not feel pressured if you miss some tasks.

Feelings about Figures

They believe that statistics and dates are irrelevant. What is most important is how you feel. As a result, the app defaults to a mode with few visual elements.

Widgets Can Help You Stay on Time

Get a quick overview of your daily habits or stay on track with last month’s recap. Commit’s widgets allow you to track your progress right on your home screen.

Share Your Experience and Inspire Others

Share your success to spread positivity and inspire others to achieve their goals alongside you.

View the Calendar

For those who prefer to see the picture spread across the months and dates.

Easily Focus On One Habit

Filter your habits and stay focused on what really matters.

Reminders For The Morning And Evening: Never Miss A Beat

Make progress easy with personalised reminders that keep you consistent and focused.

Delicious Interactivity

The responsive feedback and fluidity of the interfaces make navigating and using it a breeze.

Manage Your History

Toggling completion of the given habit is permitted for both the current day and previous days.

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Final Words

Despite the regular overload of mobile apps and high range of continuing apps from a certain genre level, we find Commit: Everyday Consistency to be quality app for all global users.

Commit: Everyday Consistency


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