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In today’s fast paced world, going out to eat becomes a tedious task. Not many people like to fumble with the menu or get a bad service from the waiter. Further, during the holidays getting a table at a restaurant becomes an impossible thing to do. With technology and the luxury it offers even to the common man, many budding entrepreneurs have come up with the task of designing food delivery apps that make ordering food easy. Just with the click of a few buttons, you get to have a nice meal from your favourite restaurant without the hassles you find at a restaurant. Food delivery apps have a growing demand owing to their offers, flexibility and sophistication.

Recently the market has seen an even better innovative idea to find food. Community compass is a fast growing food finder application. It helps people to find food resources like free food, free groceries and free meals. It shows the number of places where you get food and food resources for free.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Community compass’ application on your smart phone or other similar gadgets. Now open the app in your device and allow location access. Community compass gives you all the locations where you can find free food and meals for free around your location. It also helps in finding Women, Infants and Children clinics (WIC) in Marion County in Indiana.  

Features of the app:

Community compass has a lot of cool features. Some of these features are listed here.

  • The app is easy and simple to use for everybody.
  • Helps in finding free food, free meals and free groceries around your location with ease.
  • The app is really useful for the needy people

Compatible with:

The application works on Android and iOS devices.


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