Dapit makes it easy to buy, sell & manage your gift cards

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Imagine a world where you can exchange any unwanted gift cards for cash, or where you could manage all of your gift cards in one place without taking up any space in your actual wallet. Well, that world is here and it’s called DapIt! It’s available to download now on Google Play and iOS.

DapIt lets you store and use any number of gift cards in one handy virtual wallet. If you’ve received a gift card you don’t want or won’t use, you can exchange it for cash on the exchange. No more unwanted gift cards – hooray! If you’re buying a gift for a friend it takes the pressure off, too, as you know you’ll be able to get some value from it regardless. If you’re planning to use the gift card you don’t need to worry about forgetting it as it’ll be right there on your phone.

Buying & sending gift cards to others is a piece of cake, too. You can browse local & large businesses and purchase a gift card quickly. From there you can write a small “What this gift card is for” type of note and send it to a contact instantly. One unique feature to DapIt is that you can get notified when your friend checks in to a location so you can buy them a spontaneous gift card, a great way to surprise a friend for a special occasion.

For local business owners – whether shoe stores or family run restaurants – can benefit from DapIt. It opens up a new marketing channel and increases customer loyalty, making it easy for customers to spread the word and share your business using convenient electronic gift cards.

Download DapIt now on Google Play and iOS or visit www.DapItApp.com for more information.


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