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When I saw Date Out, I was pulled by it due to the fact that it actively involved several salient features but it was also like nothing I’ve used before. In addition it’s also made by the co-founders Esther Khong and Ang Wei Yi which offers interesting concepts I enjoyed quite a bit. After qualitatively figuring out the basic features, I’m really hooked with this.

Date Out app was professionally developed to serve as an easily accessible source of creative date activities, unique gift exchanges, Interesting Dates ideas, couples romantic gifts and much more. It is a curated marketplace app where you can find new and innovative activities and customised gift ideas.

Though this app of Date Out is primarily targeted at couples, it also caters to friends who are searching for fun things to do in Singapore. This popular Date Out app is here to revolutionise the face of dating and socialising, enabling users to choose from a variety of unique experiences, including everything from perfume and leather craft workshops, to personalise clay-making and pottery sessions.

How this app of Dateout Work?

  • You can browse various categories for dating or gifting ideas, the specific dates and timings for the availability of these deals are found in the Schedule section for each deal
  • Users then click on “Let’s Go” to make a booking or purchase
  • It is necessary to input the required fields for date and time of deal or gift to be delivered and simply make the payment
  • The deal or gift purchase will be confirmed shortly after successful payment

Earn Reward Points

The registered users who frequently make purchases or deals from Date out can earn reward points. It is illustrated that points are awarded based on the transaction value and considering the minimum spends. The reward rates would vary for certain products, product categories, and other actions like inviting a friend, sending feedback’s etc.

Feature of Flexible bonus points scheme

More importantly the reward System assists users to earn points based on the purchases they make using Date Out. The users can redeem these points against rewards from reward package. Each level users like Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum where they can claim rewards worth different points that are available in their level. Also the user will get notification regarding rewards through email or text message.

Though you have so many exciting and fun things to do in Singapore, you just require knowing where to look so download Date Out for free today to find out more. It is available in iOS and Android stores.


The app is wholly beneficial for me to use with the key features. The features are interesting and make me think about from a different perspective now, and it’s just downright fun to use it.


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