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Nowadays, everything is happening virtually due to this ongoing pandemic situation which you all know-COVID-19. For example- online coaching classes; IT work; teaching; meetings, collaboration with the team members virtually through zoom meetings. People are going to offices in shifts and keeping distance with each other and still doing meetings online at the office. So what I mean to say is that people are collaborating virtually with their team, no matter what they are going through! It’s very important for a company that it’s team members are together and doing their work efficiently. So today, we have an amazing platform which allows for the collaboration of any team visually. It’s known as Deskle.

The Deskle is an interactive whiteboard solution which allows for the collaboration of your team visually. It’s a tailored workspace for visual thinking, research and collaboration. This amazing platform has been built up by collecting experiences from the experts in various industries and fields. All the research project managers, agile innovators, digital marketers, mode n engineers, and freelancers all bring together their distinct knowledge and skills in order to help your organization scale, collaborate and iterate faster. 

It’s basically an unlimited virtual space for project management, sketching, data visualization, brainstorming, prototyping and many more things. You can get all the things at one place without wasting your time. The app offers space for creativity and includes project management, video conferencing, contact management, task management, and editing in real-time. You can add pictures, videos, sticky notes, comments, and screenshots along with the url, document files, drawings, tables, charts and a lot more.

The app comes with all the tools that a person needs for the efficiency and productivity of your team. You can start using the app by Signing up with your Google, Facebook, GitHub or Microsoft account. You can try free for 14 days as offered by the app and can take its advantage. Moreover, it comes with different pricing plans as per the need of your business such as: small, medium and large size businesses, all are having different prices.

Deskle helps you to organize your ideas in real-time. The main advantage of this app is that it saves your time, which was required for the meetings and negotiations earlier and improves the efficiency of the team. You don’t have to reach anywhere for the meetings, all you need is to utilize the online tools and execute the meeting.

Overall, the interface of the app is intuitive and user-friendly that can help anyone with basic computer knowledge to work. It comes in different languages and it’s a free tool which is easy to use and flexible. It’s an ultimate virtual whiteboard solution for you and your team members and simplifies the integration of the services into current business processes. It has a transparent approach, cloud storage and the natural methods of collaboration. So start using this brilliant tool and work efficiently by saving time with Deskle.

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