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Finding a Bluetooth device near your Smartphone is not as easy as you think until the device is discoverable. Sometimes, there is a need for your Smartphone to discover the devices around you. The reasons are many, such as you want to share or receive something from another device or you want to keep an eye on the people who are spying on you. However, whatever may be the reason you should always know about the devices which are active around you for your safety. So there is an app in our court today, which sniffs all the devices whether it’s a Smartphone, an Apple TV or an android device or anything else. 

Snifferton is a utility app available on the iTunes Store for all the iOS devices w.e.f. Jan 22, 2020. It has been published by Thomas Thompson and is compatible with iOS 13.2 or any later versions of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With this amazing platform, you can easily identify any Bluetooth device which comes in contact with your device. The app was updated on 5th March, 2020 and enhanced the location manager usage. You can connect with another device by pairing with it and mark that device for future use. Further, you can monitor each and every device which is in range with you, say half a Football length.

The dashboard of the Snifferton app is quite simple and yet attractive. It gives you a total device count along with the timestamp. It also gives a list of the recently added devices with their details such as name, signal it is having, etc. You can save multiple locations and have them synchronised with the other devices. This reduces your work in future as scanning becomes easier when any device comes closer to your Smartphone. One of the best advantages of using this app is that you can track as many devices as you like.

Some of the features of Snifferton are:

  • This app allows you to scan Bluetooth devices that are up to half a football length.
  • You can keep as many devices as you like to keep track of using this app.
  • The users can save multiple locations and have them sync up with the other Snifferton devices.
  • Users will be alerted when any new devices come nearer to your Smartphone.

Overall, I would say that Snifferton is an app which is worth to download. It’s available for free on the iTunes Store and offers in-app purchases. It also comes with some promotional offers you can check them on the website. So if you want to keep an eye on your surrounding devices, get the app now and make your life easier!

Pros: discover Bluetooth devices near you; sniffs all other devices; track as many devices as you like; easy to use; the intuitive UI; free to download; occupy a very less space.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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