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If you are searching for a quality new e-signature solution which has some uniqueness into the mix, then you should check out DottedSign developed by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. This app is wholly qualitative for me to use with the best features. It is the smartest eSignature solution for users to sign, assign & manage documents online to grow your business. 

You can Sign Documents Online & Save Some Time

DottedSign is an eSign service that professionally enables you to sign on documents, assign signing tasks to multiple signers, and track signing status right on your smartphones, tablets, and web browsers. Use DottedSign’s mobile app to sign on documents or request signatures from others on the go, including NDAs, sales contracts, agreements, permission slips, and more.

With DottedSign, you can escape the circle of scanning and faxing your paperwork, printing them out, and waiting for them to be delivered. Just import your document, sign or request signatures, and send. DottedSign is here to simplify your signature workflows and so easy.

Make Your Business Flexibility, Simple and Fast

You can close deals on the go by signing remotely on any device or desktop via secure cloud with your customers anywhere, anytime. It is best to ensure your important business cases do not slip through the cracks. And it’s now offering Business Plan for your team of 5! You can access all the advanced features with just $569.95/year; $79.95/month. Find out more here!

Boost Efficiency by Multitasking Documents at Once

Stop wasting time emailing signers, printing copies, and faxing paper. DottedSign gathers all signing tasks in one place, including those that are completed, waiting for you to sign, and waiting on others’ signatures. Spend less time tracking down signatures and more time on your other, mission-critical, tasks.

Track Real-Time Document Progress with Automated Flow

DottedSign efficiently simplifies the process of remote business by automating your document delivery. You can track progress by checking each signers’ status. Notifications and reminders will be sent to related parties by the server to keep everyone on the same page.

Important Features of DottedSign 

Import Documents to Start Signing

  • Get documents from camera, photos, and the local folder
  • Import files from email attachments, clouds, or other apps (Select DottedSign to open with)

Get Signature from Multiple Signers

  • Invite multiple signers by adding from your contacts or entering email accounts manually
  • Assign various fields to signers, including signatures, texts, and dates
  • Set the signing order to dictate who has to sign the document first, second, and so on.
  • Thumbnail view – Indicate your signers where to fill in
  • Remote signing – Assign fields to signers in a designated order, including signatures, texts, and dates
  • Guest signing – Signers sign on your device face-to-face

Expirations & Reminders

  • Auto Reminder – Automatically send reminders to anyone who hasn’t signed documents yet
  • Expiration – Set an expiry date for each signing task. Signer will receive email reminders.

Identity Verification with Secure Password

  • Sender – Require signers to enter OTP(One-Time Password) before they finish signing
  • Signer – Set and receive OTP authentication to prove your identity
  • OTP – The system will send 6-digit codes through emails and SMS messages

Manage Signature Tasks

  • Visual progress bar – Monitor signature tasks by checking all signers’ status
  • Timeline – Display and record activities of all your personal tasks
  • Recipient Message – Leave messages to all signers along with the signing tasks
  • Send signing tasks via shareable links to sign them on the web browser
  • Change signer – Replace a signer of a sent document with another one; signer can send change requests to the sender

Personalize Your Signatures

  • Create signatures with free-hand drawing
  • Make stamps by using your camera or photos
  • Support to create transparent signature stamps
  • Pre-fill your personal information and quickly add it to the document
  • Add signatures, texts, and dates to documents

Security and Legality

  • Digital audit trails – Record every change made to the document for evidence
  • Protected signing process – Ensure confidentiality of paperless signing, encrypted by TLS/SSL, AES-256, and RSA-2048.
  • Sign legally – Enforceable documents as paper signing
  • Email secure password to identify signer identity

What’s offered free in DottedSign? You can…

  • Sign unlimited documents by yourself
  • Assign up to 3 signers in a signature task
  • Create signature tasks and send up to 3 tasks per month

You can upgrade to DottedSign Pro to get advanced features:

  • Create unlimited tasks for signatures
  • Send unlimited tasks to signers
  • SMS secure password to identify signer identity
  • Access advanced signature fields, including checkboxes, radio buttons, and more
  • Protect your app from unauthorized users with a passcode
  • Reusable templates save your time creating tasks
  • Request attachments from signers

How DottedSign works:

Access DottedSign on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the app on your device and start using it. Along with this you also have web application to use. There are subscription plans for individuals and enterprises.


So recently I heard about DottedSign developed by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd, and it was something so different that I couldn’t wait to use. Now I must say, this is a completely fresh approach to eSignature solution in general, and it shouldn’t be missed.


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