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It is an era of technology where everyone is somewhere associated with the technology and many of us has a interest in military technology, adventure and gadgets. One of such result of technology is drone. Most of us know about drones. The term drone is thrown around in a haphazard manner these days. To the military, they are UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (REMOTELY PILOTED AERIAL SYSTEMS) and are used in situations where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult.

To one such interest of people in drones “SYSREB” has made an application in the people interest named as “DRONE LANDER”. It is a game suitable for 3+ age group. In this game a person has to choose it’s drone and fly directly to the landing point while doing so a person’s handling skills are tested. This game comes with the amazing graphics. For the people who wants to cherish the amazing graphics and has an interest in military drones and adventure, this game can prove worthy to them but the one who doesn’t seems to be interested in military gadgets and adventures then this application can dissapoint them.

The game consists of three difficulty levels (Beginner, Advanced, and Expert). It has more than 45 levels. A user can select different maps in the game and can test their handling skills under different conditions. A user must be accurate with its speed and direction in order to land its drone at a perfect prescribed location. It may disappoint some users with fact that the drone don’t rotate to change it’s direction and got crash with a very light smash. There is a battery indicator at the top right corner and for each flight a battery bar gets drained up and to get one battery bar you can either watch a video or you can wait for about 10 minutes.

A user might take a time to master the controls of the game but overall “DRONE LANDER” is a superb adventure game packed with challenge to land the drone. In the game there are two control bars, one on the left and the other is on the right. Left one is used to control the drone direction i.e. forward, backward, left, right while the right one is used to control the rpm in which increasing the rpm makes the drone fly up and decreasing the rpm makes the drone fly down. In the beginning it is difficult to control the rpm bar but once you manages you will get highly addictive to it. More you get closer to the target more points you will get as landing the drone in the center of the target will give you more points.

The thing that will certainly annoy the user most is the advertisements and for making the game AD FREE the user has to pay $4.99 but the user can manage even without making the game AD FREE as the advertisements do not pop up while playing as they only appear at the main menu of the game. I will highly recommend it to users who love military and adventures as they can get it by exploring the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

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