Earn rewards for hanging out with your friends!

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You love your friends. We all love our friends. But what would you say if I told you that you could earn rewards just by hanging out with them? Would you love them more? Joking aside, bthere is a great new app available to download on Android and iOS. It encourages spending time with friends in real-life, rather than behind a screen, and rewards you all for it. Sounds great? It is!

You start by creating a “circle” of friends, family, work colleagues, anybody you like. Circles can be permanent, or you can create 24-hour ones, perfect if you’re heading to an event together. Within your circle you can enjoy all the features we’ve come to love from group messaging apps; GIFs, images, reactions and more.

The more you hang with friends in real life, the more coins you’ll earn. Coins can be redeemed in the in-app shop for bthere merchandise and discounts with their brand partners like ASOS, Bumble, Postmates, Bird & more. The list of official partners is growing quickly! Leaderboards and regular contests provide some friendly competition and rewards for the highest scoring circles. Feeling competitive?

You’ll also be able to see your friends’ location in real-time with customizable map pins – don’t worry, the app is very well optimized and has minimal impact on your battery life. Speaking of battery life, you can see the battery status of everybody in your circle, so you’ll know if a friend’s battery is about to die. There’s also an SOS button to alert your circle if you’re in an urgent situation.  Whether you’re at work, on vacation or at an event with friends, bthere is packed full of features to make you and your circle safer.

For a group messaging app with a ton of useful safety features, check out bthere on Android and iOS now. Did I mention, it rewards you for hanging out with your friends?!


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