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We all are living in the network of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. But have you ever thought about a separate social media website just for the business persons to deal their business? Yes, Eforb.com has taken that initiative for allowing business people to exchange business relations in unique social network. For a free of cost you will get a platform to exchange business with your partners easily and this will serve as a medium to find new partners based on business needs. With the help of eforb.com you would be able to showcase your products in business network easily and reach the right partners and vendors quickly.

Like any other social media, eforb.com also has various features to exchange messages, write posts on wall, manage profile, broadcast news, follow your replies, get connected with variety of business friends and partners around the globe, upload photo, audio and video files, create a map for your own business, maintain a wishlist of your business needs, schedule and manage events related to your business, create a separate profile for your company and maintain it in the companies section, manage your companies from a single place and reach your company people just in the finger tip.

Eforb.com is the perfect idea for a business social media it allows you to easily connected with your vendors and partners. You can easily search the product needs for your business or you can post requests about your product needs which can be visible to any one so that the concern person may easily reach you to resolve your product needs. This social media website acts as a broker between the business partners, but the best part is it won’t demand your any broker commission. It has numerous categories in the products section to showcase your product. The search feature in this website is very unique, you have option to search every possible need for your business like search concern person, search for particular company, search for specific product, search in a particular region you would like do business, search videos and audios related to your business, etc.

This social media site is currently available in three different languages, Russian, English and Chinese. The default language in which the website loads is Russian. If the language is defaulted based on the location of the user and their language it would be wonderful. The website resolution is not yet optimized based on mobile phone screen size but it can be accessible through mobiles phones and other gadgets. I believe this website is originally created in Russian language and there are few pages where you will see Russian texts even if you choose the language as English, which is little annoying though. This is just a start up and I’m sure the creators will resolve these small issues in future versions. It’s one of the best initiative of the era to have a unique social media for all the business persons to meet and deal business in one website. This website is not limited to whatever I have described above, you will have a variety of new experience to carry your business to the next level if you use this website the right way.

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