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If you’re looking for an all-around choice with a number of great features, take a look at Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook developed by BlueBird. While I consider myself a professional blogger, there’s nothing quite like being able to find latest quality app and recommend for users.

Though I’ve gone through most of the apps on the Play Store by now, I can’t help but keep my eyes peeled for new ones that hit the market. And Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook app is definitely one of my new favorites. You should definitely give it a try Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook. This app efficiently revolutionises the way we think about to access your Hotmail and Outlook email on-the-go.

BlueBird: The best way to access your Hotmail and Outlook email on-the-go

BlueBird offers a modern design to manage your email inbox, calendar and contacts. BlueBird is effectively designed for Hotmail and Outlook accounts.

Why you need this app?

  • Clean inbox using email grouping by conversation
  • Save space & battery with smart synchronization
  • Stay safe using fingerprint and PIN-code login
  • Day and night mode
  • Avatars per message for Hotmail & Outlook
  • Focused inbox to see important emails first
  • Fantastic search with smart filters
  • Works on phones and tablets
  • Swipe gestures to manage emails in your inbox
  • Do not disturb mode for Hotmail & Outlook
  • PDF printing

Advanced calendar features

  • Customize the calendar as you like it
  • Choose your view: list, day, week or month
  • Home screen widgets for your calendar & inbox
  • Select the accounts you want to show
  • Works with Hotmail and Outlook accounts

More Aspects

  • Android Smartwatch integration (Wear OS)
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Custom signatures per email account
  • Mute notifications for specific email threads
  • Schedule email reminders
  • View all your Hotmail, Outlook and local contacts


I strongly suggest giving Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook developed by BlueBird a try if you are eager in search for a special app this weekend with a good emphasis on features. After qualitatively figuring out the feature, I’m really hooked with this app.



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