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It is believed that a dictionary app can be a handy tool. Many have beneficial features such as a word of the day to help expand your vocabulary. Those with learning languages for the first time can find them useful in defining words they don’t know. They’re primarily valuable learning tools. It’s even better when you have them on your mobile phone. This English Dictionary app is designed to give you the fastest way to learn the English vocabulary.

Vocapture is the leading English dictionary app for iPhone with over 600,000 definitions from the English Wiktionary. It professionally works entirely offline without any further file to download. You can install the dictionary for access to definitions whenever you need them.

It is also noted that only bookmarking the words is useless unless you practice from time to time. Vocapture is not just a dictionary but also a learning tool by acquiring the Leitner system technic. Learning vocabulary has never been easier!

Important Features and this app include:

  • Swift and Comprehensive English-English dictionary
  • Words and expressions
  • Includes more than 200,000 Idioms and Phrases
  • Audio pronunciations: Never mispronounce another word (human voice and computer voice for offline use)
  • English spelling help: Word correction for mistyped words
  • Example sentences: Understand how a word is used in the context
  • Offline access: You will have complete access to dictionary whether or not you have access to the internet.
  • Clear, accurate definitions
  • Adjust font size, font family, pronunciation speed, accent, and many others.
  • Jump to definition, with a tap on the word.
  • Perfect for on-the-go lookups.
  • Search history: Keep track of the terms that you seek most


It’s also different learning experiences from this developer, which include appreciation. However, after trying English Dictionary – Vocapture Offline Dictionary app, it’s certainly popular hit that will not disappoint. For what it’s worth, English Dictionary – Vocapture Offline Dictionary app developed by Ali Zargar Shabestari is an amazing app that I have been looking to be highly beneficial.



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