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Android Smartphone can provide access to wide range of application to the users and they help in their various ‎day-to-day activities. However, all that fails if the phone does not provide sufficient battery ‎life, a solution to that can be battery saver 2X. Battery saver 2X is a wonderful app which is perfect ‎for regular internet user as it employs special algorithm to regulate switching on and off internet ‎connection to maximize battery life. Most ‎android phones do not have much battery life and with WIFI the problem is even bigger. The process of getting connected to a WIFI connection often takes more battery than other operations and that cost you a long battery life. That can be managed with Saver 2X and that would increase the productivity of your phone. ‎

‎People with work ‎that doesn’t require immediate attention can properly use this application. It is most useful to people who are heavy internet user or people will moderate requirement of usage. People who only use phone as media player ‎or rarely to browse the net can fully utilize the app as it provides perfect user experience. Due to the easy interface, user of every age ‎group can use it without much difficulty. It is also free of cost for the users and available through play store.


  • Prolongs battery life ‎of your Smartphone, without you monitoring it again and again.
  • Battery indicator percentage is shown to let you know the status of your phone life.
  • You will also get an alarm notification when your battery is 100%, 70%, 30% and less than 20%.
  • Interactive user interface for better utilization of app.
  • The task manager indicates memory level of the app.
  • You will also get the remaining limit for talk time, standby and games.
  • Even if you are not that tech-savvy, you can use the app quite easily.
  • A key feature is that whenever you put the phone upside down or into your pocket it ‎will automatically activate sleep mode to reserve battery life. ‎
  • It is a five in one application that provides‎ Battery Saver, Life indicator, ‎task killer/optimizer, uninstaller, ‎charge alert.
  • Provide Battery Information like battery percentage for better utilization.
  • The app Auto-sync Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. ‎
  • If you want to kill any task, that can be done in one touch.
  • All function can be accessed from one place.
  • The version 1.0 of the app is available for free and it requires only 8.7 MB space in your device.
  • The app is available for android 2.2 or up.

Summary: Saver 2x is a useful application to boost battery life that reduces your battery usage and make your phone work longer.

Good: The battery saving and talk time indication feature of the app saves your phone from getting switched off.
Bad: A drawback to this application can be that it will switch off the internet whenever the screen ‎is turned off hence it is not for people who need to be connected to the net.

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