Fairy Lotto

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Today, we’re going to talk about a digital lottery fairy and the fairy is called Fairy Lotto. As you’ve guessed rightly, it’s a digital lottery app. Fairy Lotto is a free, fun and customised app for lotto and horse racing. With the help of this app you can select your lotto numbers and pick your race horses.

You can program your wand with your lucky numbers, number types – odd or even numbers, curvy or pointy shaped numbers, and whether you would prefer numbers that are frequently drawn or due for a comeback. Then wave your phone like a magic wand to create your lotto numbers. It’s as simple as that.

How Does Fairy Lotto Work?

Generally with lotto tickets, you have the option of either choosing all your own numbers or playing games filled completely with random numbers. But it is not with Fairy Lotto, since your Fairy Lotto allows you to combine random numbers with numbers that are special to you in the same game. It is feature completely unique to Fairy Lotto.

Horse Racing

Do you want a magic wand to help you make horse racing and lotteries selections then meet Fairy Lotto – your new BFF in racing and lotteries. Fairy Lotto will go through the race program to find you horses which match to your lucky charms – your favourite letters, numbers, colours, and more. Fairy Lotto will also offer selections for all Australian lotteries draws – bringing together a combination of randomly generated numbers and numbers matched to your preferences, in whatever combination you like. Fairy Lotto is great for people who are new to racing, making it easy to be involved and simple to understand.

Tell Fairy Lotto what you’re looking for and let her find it for you – giving you a totally customised experience. In order to find the mix that suits you best, wave your phone like a magic wand. Fairy Lotto will make suggestions matched to your criteria. Also you can ask Fairy Lotto to remind you about upcoming races and lotteries draws so you never miss a beat. Moreover she will also keep you posted on your winners for the day.


Fairy Lotto provides simplicity and convenience via your phone. The app professionally features a clean, user-friendly interface. It is good choice for users who wish to accomplish just about anything through their mobile phone.



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