Fancy Balloon – Entertaining and Colorful Wallpaper App

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Digital technology has revolutionized the way in which we do things; there have been countless changes in the way in which we do things including our day today activities. The contributions of digital technology such as computers and mobile phone devices have a tremendous impact in the lives of each and every individual all over the world. It has improved the way in which we communicate and the manner in which various activities are conducted and executed. Millions of people all over the world own computers, tablets, smart phones having interesting and intriguing backgrounds in these devices are used as a form of advertisement or just to lighten the moods of the individuals who are working with these devices.

Since, we use tablets and smart phones throughout the day having interesting wall papers which involves little fun is preferred by any one irrespective of their age. Fancy Balloon is one such interesting live wall paper app which depicts an amusement park; the app has been developed and launched by dermond for the android users. The app requires 1.6M memory space and android software of 2.1 and up for its effective functioning.

How it works?

Fancy Balloon is an interesting and fun live wall paper app, it also provides some relaxation to the users from their busy work schedule and it is the perfect entertainment app for the kids. The users can activate the app in their tablets after installation by clicking on the Live Wallpaper option in their home screen after doing a long tap. Mobile users can activate the app by clicking on the Fancy Balloon app icon which is installed in their home screen and by following the related instructions to their device.

The app generates a live wall paper which has the colorful back ground of an amusement park and with a young little girl with balloons in her hand. Once you click on the live wall paper option and select fancy balloons app, balloons of different colors will start to move on your screen and will reach the sky. Now, the users can click on the moving balloons and the balloons in the little girls hand will be replaced by the color of the balloons touched by the user. The users can also gain points which will appear on the balloons held by the girl. Ads appear on top of the wall paper screen when they have touched 10 balloons and then close symbol appears on top of the screen, users will have to restart the fun by clicking on close option.


Fancy Balloon is a colorful and entertaining live wall paper app perfect for individuals of all ages. This live wall paper provides absolute and never ending fun to kids and a needed break for the tiresome eyes of a working individual or a student. The app is available for free in the Google play store and can be easily installed on devices that run on android platform.

Good – Keeps the user entertained and occupied.

Bad – The developers can add some back ground music to make it more interesting while the users are playing the game.

Worth Having Application : Download the Application


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