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While I don’t consider myself passionate searcher for new apps, I still enjoy finding good ones every so often, particularly around latest mobile apps, but Flash: Full Screen Caller ID app developed by Flash App LLC was too unique to be recommended for all users.

This familiar app of Flash innovatively redefines phone calls by adding picture and video sharing to make phone calls fun and exciting. It can send pictures and videos to your friend’s phone whenever you call them and share in a flash.

Flash is qualitatively regarded as photo and video messaging app. This app permits your friends see your photos and videos whenever you call them, edit pictures, message your friends and send secure, protected pictures with simplicity. Interestingly it can turn your pictures into a caller ID, so your friends will see what you’re up to as soon as you call.

With this app it is also possible to send a “Hidden Flash” that deletes itself, so your flash remains secret. You can professionally organize hangouts, make inside jokes and more with “Hidden Flash” pictures and videos. More amazingly you can confidently share photos and videos in private with your friends.

Salient Features of Flash: Full Screen Caller ID

Send Photos and Videos through Phone Calls

By using this app one can take and send pictures or videos to your friends whenever you call them and also display your photos as your caller ID on your friends’ phones. It can also share pictures while you talk.

Hidden Photos and Videos

Apart from many aspects the features of “Hidden Flash” photos and videos are highly password-protected which delete themselves. It can also send private, time-limited Flashes, because some things should disappear.

Photo Editor

They offer best photo editor where one can add captions to your pictures and videos before you send them. The users can also add stickers and emojis. It is able to save your edits to your phone and add unique effects with filters.

Messenger App

By this app one can send picture and video messages to their friends. Also it is possible to send reactions to your friends’ Flashes. You can also exhibit adding emoji faces and reactions to your messages. It can keep the conversations going with group messaging and live chat.


When I recently heard about Flash: Full Screen Caller ID app developed by Flash App LLC, it was something so different that I couldn’t wait for to use. Now I must say, this is a completely fresh approach to photo and video messaging, and it shouldn’t be missed.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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