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We as individuals have so many errands to run for a day. With the busy work-life schedule, we forget things that have to be done in the first place. If there could be someone to make a list of the works we have and prioritize them according to the importance it would be something great. A handy app named, Cruise – Task Prioritize‪r helps you to achieve the things that you have to do as it allows you to focus on what has to be done and when with the perfect timing. 
Cruise – Task Prioritize‪r is an iOS app given by the seller, Abdul Ahmad. It belongs to the productivity category and helps you to focus on only what is important. Cruise – Task Prioritize‪r would be more suitable for active professionals, busy parents and all the hard-working students. It works with a 3-step process. It asks you to add tasks and projects and edit all the information under it as per your requirements. You can then fill in any missing info and the app does everything else for you. It neatly fetches a prioritized list on what you have to spend most of your time with. 

The app lets users assign actions to each task and users can let Cruise know how they could complete a task. It encompasses the details like what you are going to do/use or the place you must be in to complete the task or the person you need to interact with to get the things done. A list of actions can be added once if it is something that you do regularly. Cruise – Task Prioritize‪r allows users to add a collection of tasks under the projects section. The ‘Areas and Goals’ are where users can manage the different areas of their life, to see where they are spending their time with and plan where they must focus in the future. It allows users to set up reminders when they need to receive alerts. This saves you from procrastinating and missing deadlines.  

The interface of the app is so good and it makes you handle everything with much ease. The notable features of the app are that, it comes with a calendar, has options that allow users to add events to the calendar print or share anything you wish to, duplicate tasks or projects, or convert them, edit multiple tasks or projects and queue them. Users can also choose the order in which they must complete a list of tasks for a project. 

Cruise – Task Prioritize‪r requires iOS 12.1 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available in English, Japanese, Spanish languages and comes with in-app purchases where the full version is available for $199.99 and the monthly and yearly plans come for a price of $6.99 and $59.99 respectively.

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