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It’s a holiday and I want to see a movie. But I don’t know which movie to pick as there are so many choices. So I start with my favourite genre: Adventure and as I type it in the Google search box, here I have lists of top 100 movies according to different critics and after 10-15 minutes, I can see that each such link has 5-10 movies in common. So I have shortlisted the movies and the next step is to search about each of them separately. After 15-20 minutes of analysis, I finally have the movie that I’m going to watch today. After 2-3 hours, I come back and start the process again because I didn’t liked the movie and I have no other choice than repeating the process again and hoping that this time I’ll get my taste. If this story reflects you, read on and you’ll get what you want!

Yes, the ultimate saviour of all movie goers is right here and I’m talking about none other than FunkyFlick ( The website promises to provide you with the search results that will match your interests. But how do they do that?

The process goes like this. First of all, register on their website or login using your Facebook account. Then, the next step is very crucial. You can either enter the name of another movie/TV show that you liked or you can enter the name of a book. Don’t expect it to be any similar to what you get as recommendations on other websites when you search for a movie. Here, FunkyFlick will search for your entry on Wikipedia and check out the content of that particular movie/show/book. For example, if you type “The Adventures of Tintin”, then instead of looking for adventure movies, the app will look for detective movies because that’s what the whole movie was about. It’s just an example to show you that the website looks for actual meaning behind any word you enter rather than going straight for it.

There’s an advanced search option as well where you can choose any subject from the list and all related movies will come out. The best thing is that you won’t find hundreds of movies on your screen spread like nachos in a packet with all of them looking the same. You won’t be left clueless anymore when you don’t have a clue about your movie. Moreover, suppose you’ve found your movie of choice but suddenly some work comes up and you forget about the movie. Later on, you think about that movie again but can’t find it. But don’t worry this time because FunkyFlick remembers all your searches and therefore you can get back anytime you want.

FunkyFlick is soon to start the search engine for books as well. I guess this is becoming the next hub of all movie goers where they can actually find some solace. If you have something on mind as well, FunkyFlick is waiting for you!

Pros: easy to search; search by movie/TV show/book/subject; limited search results to avoid confusion; adopts proper criterion to find movies; free.

Cons: none.

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