Galaxy Control: 3D strategy: Adorable Action Game

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Introduction & Definition

The competition and fun in the Galaxy Control game is to build a base and to compete or battle with the other players to gain control of the galaxy. The game comes with lots of fascinating and amazing features that will get you glued and literally fixated to your iPad or iPhone for several hours. Galaxy Control is a space combat strategy game with unique next generation 3D graphics and combats that are fast paced. The latest version 1.49.45 of the Galaxy Control game comes with new additional features including the bug fixes and the new SS8 visual as well.

Exceptional features of Galaxy Control  

If you need an awesome experience in epic battles, this is the right game for you. Remember that he main goal here is to outshine all of your competitors (other players) and become the top 1 in the galaxy. Here are some of the challenges to encounter, confront and overcome in the course of the game;

  • ü You will have to find, gather the minerals & extract uranium
  • ü You will also have to use the laser towers, cannons, mines, walls, and the missile turrets to defend your initially established base.
  • ü You will also have to create an ultimate army with the strongest ground & air units
  • ü Finally you will have to battle or compete with the other players in-order to take their resources and their Fame point as well.

Additional features of Galaxy Control

The game is totally free; that means that you do not have to pay nothing in-order to download and install the app. The game also uses the next generation graphics that are 3D oriented, making it supper amazing, especially with the amazing visual images, it just makes the whole game and experience seem so real. Building and upgrading your base is one of the key ingredients to winning the battle, therefore you will have to gather enough minerals and then extract uranium as well. Once you will have established or defined your base, you will then have to begin fortifying it using the cannons, mines, missile turrets and the laser towers, etc. The game also has over 11 amazing ground & air units to enable you create the ultimate and strongest army in your combat. In the course of the game, you will also have to unlock up to twenty five unique achievements & goals. Galaxy Control also comes with a Campaign Mode with over thirty amazing missions for you to explore and enjoy. The other interesting feature about the game is the ability to battle other player from all around the globe, competing for their resources & Fame Points as well.

Available Languages of the Galaxy Control App

This super amazing game is available in a wide range of international languages so as to accommodate and reach a lot of people all around the world. These languages include; Chinese, Italian, German, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish and Russian languages.

Compatibility Test of the Galaxy Control game

The Galaxy Control game requires only iOS 6.0 or later versions, anything earlier than that might not be compatible with the game. It is therefore, advisable that you get the above versions so that you can enjoy all the features of the game without any limitations or complications whatsoever. The game is however, compatible with the following devices; iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The Galaxy Control game app was greatly optimized for the following devices as well; iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6.

Previous Customer Reviews

Most of the previous customer reviews speak more on the amazing features of the game, especially its graphic designs and the ability to reinforce your army by pressing a button. The game was uniquely designed to deliver; it has all what any action game lover will want to have, with lots of amazing 3D experiences. The whole battling for space control thing just makes the game so special and utterly unique.

Some of the few disadvantages about the Galaxy Control game is that you will have to use internet connection in order to access, load and play the game. Not everyone can access a quality internet connection, something that greatly limits a lot of people from enjoying their favorite game. Then, the game is only available to iPhone and iPad users ONLY, this means that that those with Android devices can never enjoy the Galaxy Control game.


This is by far, the game of choice for those gamers that adore action games, the game can also be played even during their major upgrades unlike the other apps that will freeze. Galaxy Control game comes with awesome control capabilities and options that will make the entire experience, worthwhile and seem so real. Get the app and begin battling for space control to become the TOP 1.

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