Geocode API For Your Geocoding and Geoparsing Needs

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An API always makes the  development process a lot easier. If you are into developing an app, a software or a website with geographic coordinates, you will have to put in a lot of efforts to incorporate them into your coding work. Nowadays, APIs have come to minimize the work of the programmers. There are many apps in the market and the strategy lies in choosing the one that provides geocodes with much reliability and accuracy. I would recommend Geocode API for geocoding of data.

What’s Geocode API?

There may be many geocoding API’s in the market but only a few of them cater to your needs. Many APIs are costly and this one is an exception. It fetches real-time data for geocoding and geoparsing of your applications. The team strives to provide data  with much efficiency, reliability and scalability at an affordable price. You have no throttling or rate limits with this API.

How does Geocode API work?

Like all the other API, developers can incorporate it into their development process by choosing one among the various plans offered by the company. By integrating just a few lines of code that are available in an easily readable JSON format into your coding, everything falls into place.

Special features of Geocode API?

The company charges you only for what you use thereby lowering your development costs. They provide immense support in integrating the API into your software or application development. They work consistently to provide an uptime of 99.9% SLA so that you never run outdated. The team is ready to resolve all the queries of the clients with much patience as you reach them through their contact form. The number of monthly requests, the queries per second, the HTTPS encryption, service level agreement and onboarding vary with the plan you choose. The complete documentation is also made available on the website.

Pricing plans of Geocode API:

Small, medium and large are the varied pricing plans of the API with $85, $135 and $300 respectively. When you subscribe for a yearly plan, you can avail discounts as well. There is also a free plan for the budding developers or for personal users with less functionalities. A custom pricing plan is also available to tailor the needs of startups or big enterprises.

If you have big goals for building your business websites or forms with geocoding and geoparsing, then this API is something that you must choose first. When you get Geocode API, the strong infrastructure and the servers will do all the work for you.

Worth Having app – Try Geocode API


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