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Are you worried about your self-care? How about you have a journaling app that reduces your anxiety? Yes, the application Daily Journal App & Guided Diary will definitely be helpful for you as it tells you what and how to do it. This assists you in journaling and correcting your own emotions and aids in practicing reflection also.

As researchers prove that anxiety reduction and anti-stress can be done with the help of gratitude journaling, this app published by MindStory Journal serves the purpose. It belongs to the category of Lifestyle and helps you to create your daily story, track your own mood and get insights on everything.

The app has a column called self reflection where you get to mention a few sentences a day all about yourself. This greatly helps you to minimise your depression levels and improves your sleep quality. When you pen down your thoughts on the app’s diary, there is a tab that keeps proper track of the number of days you showed up, the number of words typed, emotions logged and so on.

MindStory helps you achieve all of this in three simple steps: The app asks you to jot down 3-10 sentences about your day and it also has a mode tracker where you can mention your different moods like happy, lucky, anxious, etc. The next psychological approach that MindStory follows is that it asks you to enter 3 victories for the day. This is ensured to bring mindfulness in you. The final step is where you get questions with enthralling audio stories to give you some meditation on self-care.

This thoughts journal app has a stats section with anti-anxiety insights. This helps you to be in order with those positive activities and those that bring down your mood. This mood tracker is specially designed for depression / anxiety relief, gratitude boost, and self-care. Not just this, when you have a systematic approach with MindStory, you can understand your social context, personal goals and get rid of all the things that stress you a lot. In short, this app acts as a complete log book for self-care insights, mood and gratitude.

It is easy to navigate through this app and see what you have done so far. It requires Android 4.0 or later versions and is suitable for all those above 3 years of age. Whether you are having a bad time at work, suffering from depression or having a tough time managing your self-care, everything can be easily achieved with the help of Daily Journal App & Guided Diary.

I have already suggested this to my parents and I can see their anxiety levels gone down in no time. Yes, Download Daily Journal App & Guided Diary today to track your life, gratitude, mood and more. This is for sure the ultimate tool when it comes to self-care and self-improvement.

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